Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Pictures as promised

I really do love my new haircut!

As an added bonus today my mail brought me 4 skeins of Pure knits Bamboo yarn in the "Leah" colorway. It's soft, scrumptious & beautifully dyed!!! It's going to look fantastic as this, don't you think?

Wow, that haircut is fabulously flattering!

And yarn in a namesake colorway - what's not to love?!
that haircut is awesome. i'm jealous, i can't seem to find a haircut that looks flattering on me. i usually go to the salon and tell them to take an inch off the ends. i'm not very imaginative when it comes to hair. your sis is quite talented.

your clap is going to be the prettiest thing ever.
you are so freaking cute! and I LOVE that cut! your sister is a genius!

Im sooooo glad you like the yarn! I can't wait to see you knit it up, Ill be so proud :D

I still say my handwritting is wacked...does this count as that handwriting meme but somehow about me?
if i could find someone to give me such a perty haircut, i think i would stop cutting mine short on my own. i guess its not so bad, but sometimes i can look like ive escaped an insane asylum..
Aweseome cut AND awesome soon-to-be clappy!
that haircut is awesome. my hair would never lie flat like that -- it would spaz out. i know because i've tried.
Cute hair, and can't wait to see what you make with that yarn!
love the new 'do! you look terrific!
Awesome haircut! I'm so envious -- I'm trying to grow out my hair but yours is so inspiring!

I love, love the Leah colorway. Goodbye, yarn diet...
Your hair looks wonderful! So hip!

That new yarn is stunning - and it will make a great Clapotis. great colors!
oh, your hair looks wonderful! such a super stylish and dramatic 'do. i'm like sandra -- i cut off a few inches and that's that.

i can't wait to see the leah clapotis!
I love your new haircut- it looks great on you!

That's so cool that you have a namesake colorway- can't wait to see the clap come to life.
Ohhh - I love the haircut AND the yarn!
Very cool haircut! I've actually switched to letting my hair grow so I can save money on haircuts. My hair grows ridiculously slowly, so I figure the longer it is, the longer I can keep the same haircut.

Yay on finding the Leah colorway! How cool is that? And for a clapotis, no less. How many women do you know can actually walk around and say, "This is my shawl, and it has my name all over it!"?
Loving that cut! That is a proper supermodel standard bob (and also a little Louise Brooks :D). Is your sister willing to do a home visit for me? ;)

I said it before and I'll say it again - I am in love with your namesake colourway. Gorgeous.
Your hair looks wonderful! So nice to have a really good hairdresser especially one in your family! Man, are you a lucky dog.

That Leah yarn is going to be great knitted up in a Clappy. I've got two and LOVE them! Wore one this chilly morning to work. Mine have become my "little black dress". Can wear it with anything and so many different ways.
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