Wednesday, June 29, 2005

No rest for the weary

So I'm staying with Elizabeth til' tomorrow night (I've been here since Sunday). She has the most erratic sleep patterns of anyone I've ever met (it could be attributed to the autism but even so....). She fell asleep at 10 last night & woke up at midnight. She stayed awake in her room singing and talking to herself til 3 in the morning. Then woke up refreshed and ready for the day at 6 AM!! So I'm estimating that I got about 4 hours of sleep. I have no clue how her parents do it...

In other news we are both sleepy & she is content to watch TV so I am trying to keep my eyes open. It's tough.

I did entertain myself with this:

Take the MIT Weblog Survey

Now if I can just go get a coke or an iced coffee I just might make it.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

And now for something completely different....

Like knitting content!

I've been a busy bee the past couple of days!! I finished the dreaded 23 inches of BORING stockinette stitch on the back of my "accidentally on purpose" vest from stitch n' bitch nation. It looks marvelous (if I do say so myself). Getting to the point where you drop the stitches was glorious! It is such a wrong thing that feels so right. I was on the edge of my chair half worried that the entire thing would disintegrate in my hands but no! I was successful & here is my proof!

Image hosted by

I'm working with Patton's Grace in cardinal red. Yes folks I love red knits!

I've also started on a skull illusion scarf for my sister. I made an alien illusion scarf for a cousin last year but I found a chart made by the lovely Ysolda on craftster & I knew Corrie would be all about the skulls!

Here is a pic of the stripes (sorry it's upside down- photobucket is being weird).

Image hosted by

And one where you can see the skull and crossbones.

Image hosted by

I'm going to do 2 skulls at each end and plain stripes in the middle. I'm using some wool ease. It's perfect for this stuff!

Etsy is still going well for us. We have made a few more sales (thanks Amy) and I've bought a couple of cute things. I got my super spiffy "craftastic" headband from the other cool craftin' Leah. She also included some of the "NEW" craftster buttons! I was ELATED! I really wanted some! The headband rocks! It may be the first of many! If you would like one you can visit her Craftastic shop!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Sandra got her Cyanotype shirt yesterday. I also sent her a CD. She loved them both (yay for happy friends/customers)! You can see her lookin' fly in it on her blog! What a supermodel in those glasses!

So now off to watch the real world. Yes folks I admit it I love watching people do stupid things for attention. It really amazes me.

Let me leave you with a much nicer thought.

Image hosted by

Me & my two best friends- Laura & Tammy (wearing the kick ass shirt I made her). Tammy will be a Mommy to Coen in about a month and that thought amazes me. We have 10 years of photos just like this. I am one lucky girl.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Oh we're moving on up... to the top.. to a deluxe apartment in the sky has been good to us thus far! 3 sales (thank you Sandra) so far! We have a ton of hits and I've got a few more items to put up tonight.

It's a boost for the ego to know that people actually want the items we are making. Let's just hope it lasts!

I bought a hairband from the other Leah. You know that girl who started that craftster site.... She is really sweet & funny in her emails. I am also interested in a couple of zines. There are tons of new sellers everyday & some great stuff up there!

I'm doing laundry and trying to prepare to make a mad dash from ATL to Jax for my friend Tammy's baby shower. It's on Saturday in the AM and I have to work til 5 tomorrow. So it seems that we will be hitting town on the late side. Oh well...

On the knitting front I am mere rows away from finishing the back of my accidentally on purpose. I haven't cast on to the skull illusion scarf yet but I will have a 5 hour drive tomorrow to get to work on both! That means I should have a pictorial update by Monday.

I know you are all dying for one! Unfortunately 20 inches of stockinette stitch is as boring to look at as it was to knit. Luckily this vest is kick ass when it's finished (or else it would be relegated to the unfinished objects pile). Yeah, I can be a quitter!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Etsy ROCKS!!

So 8 hours after putting items up on etsy we made our first sale!! HURRAH!

Oh & we put up a proper placeholder as well. No more weird German site. is now open! DIY shopping HEAVEN!!

So my rants about buying DIY continue today but with good news!

The folks at get crafty have opened up an online shop for anyone who wants to sell handmade items. ANYONE at all! So if you knit, crochet, embroider (yeah, this means YOU DK), sew or even make music or stencil shirts they will sell your items.

The fees are free until July 31st & nominal after ($.20 to list an item & 3.5% of the selling price for items sold). There is no end date so anything you put up is up til it sells.

Isaac & I have been toying with the idea of opening up an online shop for awhile. He has CD's art work & tee's to sell & I have all my knitted, sewed and stenciled items.

So this morning we opened Repurposed goods. There is nothing on the site yet but I am putting items up on our Repurposed via etsy site right now. So far I have CD's but I am adding tee's, belts, headbands and shirts this afternoon.

It is such a great starting point to get your items out there. I applaud the people who worked so hard to put it together and I truly hope folks will support it!

I am passionate about getting more people to buy DIY & I think etsy will be a great start. I hope to see all my peeps opening up stores and selling their amazing handcrafted wares.

So c'mon I know you guys have stuff to sell....

Monday, June 20, 2005

F*U* Urban Outfitters!! Buy DIY!!

Yeah I said it & I MEANT it!

Here are my newest purchases:

My Flap bag made by Jessica Rolland.
Image hosted by

It's funny because there are lots of times I look at someone's shop and think "Yeah I could make that" but with these bags I just think "I hope someday I am half as good with my sewing machine".

The detail on her bags is PERFECT! Pictures just can't do them justice! If you are thinking about buying one - please do! It is well worth every penny!

And my Deli Made wallet.
Image hosted by

I really love the fact that there are so many talented people out there who are making it. Even if it is a struggle, the fact that they are doing is inspiring!

While I am handing out some F*U*'s how about starbucks as well. I really hate them. They have infiltrated every corner here in Atl & put a couple of great mom & pop coffee shops out of business. BOO! Even through my hatred I must admit sometimes their drinks sound good to me. For instance the "Mint Mocha Frappachino". YUM! There is no struggle as I will not give them my money but it does sound really good so... Isaac & I made our own & it is delicious!! If you would like to make one you need:

6 coffee ice cubes (yep that is what I said)
1/2 cup of cold (or cool coffee)
3 (or more tablespoons- depending on your taste) of sweetened chocolate powder (like hersheys or ghiradelli's)
1 1/2 tablespoons (or to taste) or pure peppermint extract
As much milk as you would like to make it creamy.
Put in a blender & liquefy!

I can't promise it tastes just like the starbucks version but this one is YUMMY & probably much cheaper.

I also finished up my third One Skein Wonder this morning. It is with Elann Peruvian wool in lime Ice & Gedifra Dandy (I have no idea of the color). I followed the pattern for the smallest one & used size 8's & 5's again. Surprisingly it fits perfectly. Who would have known....

Dandy is bulky & I didn't have quite enough so I used the elann for the bottom inch of the body as well as the ribbing. I think it turned out quite lovely!
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

I still need to weave in the ends but I really like the end result!

Now to work on "accidentally on purpose" (I will finish it.... one day) I am also going to start on a skully version of "alien illusion" for my sister who loves all things skully.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Back on the chain gang

Whew! This has been a long week away from my lovely computer! I have so much to tell!

So lets begin with the beginning! Last Sunday night was DEVO! It was the best show I have ever seen! They played every song a DEVOtee could want. Booji Boy threw out bouncy balls (we got 2 of them) & Isaac even caught one of the sweet blue powerdomes they threw out. He was super nice & gave it to this 13 year old DEVO obsessed girl who flew in from Ohio with her DEVO obsessed mom. They were so sweet!

At 50 something those guys ROCK! We made it to the front row at the show & had this lovely picture published on the front page of the AJC arts section last Monday.
Image hosted by
That is Isaac in the middle of the photo & about 3/4 of my face in the left corner.

We also saw Tegan & Sara (who were really great- go see them if you get the chance), Joan Jett (who was old & sad), Biz Markie (Hilarious), Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh (seriously rocked the house!!) and Coheed & Cambria (they put on a great show as well).

We spent Monday- Friday at Lake Burton. Beautiful & relaxing. I got a lot of knitting done. I finished a second one skein wonder in slate blue cotton ease and have almost finished a third in elann Peruvian wool & a random (but expensive) skein of random German wool. I am about 2 inches away from finishing the back of my "accidentally on purpose". I have a feeling I won't finish that for a long while!

Last night we went to indie craft experience. It was a great turn out with a ton of really cool crafters! I bought a super cute wallet from the girls at deli made who were really sweet & one of them was from Jax. I also bought a purse from Jessica at flap bags. I have spoken to her on craftster a few times & she is so nice in person! I also met India*Romeo. She was really nice too. I was so impressed with eveyone's wares! I will post pics of the purse & wallet tomorrow.

For now I am off to eat cake!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

no. 13 baby

So last night was AMAZING! I know I probably throw that word around a lot but there is no better way to describe the show.

Firstly let me say it rained. Steady (not too hard but very steady) all night. It was dry through Bloc Party & Common but when Keane took the stage the heavens opened. The band joked that it was a gift they brought with them from England. They played a tight show. Lovely harmonic music that is a pleasure to listen to in the rain!

The killers were next & I am not a fan of the band. They put on a tight show but I just don't really like their music. Unfortunately it was the only way to get in good position to see the Pixies. So we stuck it out. Apparently they are really popular! Who knew?

So after the Killers set was over we made our move to the front of the stage & unbelievably we made it!! We were 4 people in from the barricade to see THE PIXIES!!! Right before they went on they showed crowd shots from the stage on the Jumbotron & it was at that point we realized we were in front of at least 30,000 people. Yep, we ROCK!! Better yet they rocked!! An hour and a half and 21 songs later they played every song that you would want to hear. Spoke only to say "thanks" and looked like they had an awesome time doing it. Kim had the perma-grin the entire show & they all seemed to be in great spirits. Joking with each other & laughing! It was great to see.

The pixies are selling CD's of all the live shows on this tour. They are limited editions and the sample sounds great. You can check it out pixies disc . We bought ours as soon as we got home last night.

So now to recover & walk back out into the rain (yes people it's still raining). Today's lineup is Tegan & Sara, Joan Jett, Biz Markie, Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh, Coheed & Cambria & (my personal favorites) DEVO!!

If your reading this, send us dry thoughts!

Saturday, June 11, 2005

She likes the faded things...

So the past few days have been a whirlwind of activity!! Isaac came home on Thursday and we spent the afternoon unpacking, washing really dirty clothes and just being happy that we were together.

I also finished up my one skein wonder by the amazing Stefanie Japel.
Image hosted by
I also sewed the headband I have on in that pic. It was a crafty afternoon. I used lion brand cotton ease in "Cherry" and knit it up on size 8's & 5's. It was a quick knit & so cute. I got a ton of compliments on it that night. I will be making a few more of these.

That night was the Jonathan Richman. 2 hours & 18 songs. We were right smack dab in front of him & he was amazing (like always)!! He has this way of putting his emotions across so powerfully! I was right in front of him and I had a total perma-grin the whole time. He kept staring at me and smiling. I am sure I looked like a total goof but I don't care!! At the end of his second set he played "Her mysteries are not of high heels" and then he winked at me!!! *Swoon* He is really one of the best performers I have ever seen!!

Ah Jonathan!
Image hosted by

Last night was the first night of music midtown. It was a steady drizzle the entire time. People watching was very entertaining. Tons of girls in super high heels who were not ready to rock out in the rain. One girl was even wearing a dry cleaning bag on her head to keep her hair dry. I am sure she looked much cooler in the bag than with wet hair.....

We saw Lou Reed, Interpol & The White Stripes. I was really impressed with Lou Reed. He had a total Sonic Youth Guitar killing sound going on & it rocked! Interpol was solid. They sounded pretty much exactly like the album. The White Stripes rocked out. I have seen them 4 times now & the best show was in 2001 at the Cow House in Tally (they only played to 60 people & were so cool). This show had a massive stage set up including a grand piano and white plastic trees. Meg was a lot tighter than in the past & really impressed me and Jack was dressed like a matador (I think he was going for the old southern blues man look but it flopped). He played til' his finders bled -literally.

So now we are off to see Bloc Party, Keane, The Killers, Common and the Pixies.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Anne Marie won't you dance with me, I've been standing here so long I'm gettin tired

So this is the week I've been waiting for! Isaac comes home on Thursday morning & that night we get to see my non-sexual crush Jonathan Richman. I adore him!!! As does Isaac (I think he has a non-sexual crush on him as well). Last time we saw him he did an entire set of Modern Lovers songs along with his solo stuff. He is so cool & always puts on a great show! Ah Jonathan!

Friday starts music midtown. Hopefully the weather will be nice it's supposed to be kinda rainy but I know we will have fun either way. Lou Reed & the White Stripes on Friday. The Pixies, The Killers, Interpol, Bloc Party on Saturday. Tegan & Sara, Joan Jett, Biz Markie, Slick Rick w/ Doug E. Fresh, Public Enemy & my obession DEVO!!! I can't believe we get to see Devo live!!!! They haven't played anywhere in the south in 20 years.

Next week is vacation. A week at a lovely little cottage on Lake Burton (in the Mts. of N. GA). No TV's or internet. Just us for a week! YAY!!! Swimming & boating and hiking. Alone time with Isaac! I can't wait!

It's also my year anniversary of being a knitter! I started at the lake last year (I'm a week off of 365 days). I can't believe how far I've come! I seems like only yesterday I couldn't figure out how to purl. Now look at me!!

I've cast on to accidentally on purpose & knit about 7 inches of the back (I cheated & started that first as there is no shaping). Then today I got totally side tracked by Stephanie Japel's one skein wonder. It knits up so quick. Within 2 hours I had the entire body done. Now I have the ribbing. I'm using a random skein of Lion's brand cotton ease in Cherry. Hopefully I will finish up so I can wear it on Thursday!

Friday, June 03, 2005

Ta Da!!!

So last night I finished my lovely felted bag with fair isle skulls.

Here is the before felting pic:
Image hosted by

And the after:
Image hosted by

With Max (for scale):
Image hosted by

I am really thrilled with the way it turned out!! It is the perfect size and is really very cool in person.

As you may have noticed in the pictures the handles are in different places in the before and after. Well, I have to admit dear friends I was so excited to finish up the bag that I hastily measured and yes put my handles on off center for the first picture. It was only after taking the picture that I even noticed! So, I took them off and re-attached them.

Lisa was wondering how I did the handles. I used 10.5 dpn's and cast on 10 stitches. I knit them in i-cords til' they were 18 inches long and attached them (twice- boo!) with double strand yarn. I chose to attach them on the inside so it isn't as noticeable. I like that look much better. I think I will sew them on with some thread as well. I want to make sure they are really durable.

Hopefully I will get to put in the lining this weekend & then I can tell we will be inseparable!!

So Sandra is knitting up accidentally on Purpose and even though she had to start over due to the absurd sizing I think I have been inspired and will knit it up next. I know hers will turn out beautifully!!!

Oh & my copy of Loop-d-Loop by Teva Durham is on it's way. HURRAH!!! I spent a half hour drooling over it in Borders tonight (too bad I had already ordered it). It is so lovely and has such great style. Isaac even said it would be a great coffee table book. So many amazing patterns! The only dilemma is what to knit first!

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