Monday, June 06, 2005

Anne Marie won't you dance with me, I've been standing here so long I'm gettin tired

So this is the week I've been waiting for! Isaac comes home on Thursday morning & that night we get to see my non-sexual crush Jonathan Richman. I adore him!!! As does Isaac (I think he has a non-sexual crush on him as well). Last time we saw him he did an entire set of Modern Lovers songs along with his solo stuff. He is so cool & always puts on a great show! Ah Jonathan!

Friday starts music midtown. Hopefully the weather will be nice it's supposed to be kinda rainy but I know we will have fun either way. Lou Reed & the White Stripes on Friday. The Pixies, The Killers, Interpol, Bloc Party on Saturday. Tegan & Sara, Joan Jett, Biz Markie, Slick Rick w/ Doug E. Fresh, Public Enemy & my obession DEVO!!! I can't believe we get to see Devo live!!!! They haven't played anywhere in the south in 20 years.

Next week is vacation. A week at a lovely little cottage on Lake Burton (in the Mts. of N. GA). No TV's or internet. Just us for a week! YAY!!! Swimming & boating and hiking. Alone time with Isaac! I can't wait!

It's also my year anniversary of being a knitter! I started at the lake last year (I'm a week off of 365 days). I can't believe how far I've come! I seems like only yesterday I couldn't figure out how to purl. Now look at me!!

I've cast on to accidentally on purpose & knit about 7 inches of the back (I cheated & started that first as there is no shaping). Then today I got totally side tracked by Stephanie Japel's one skein wonder. It knits up so quick. Within 2 hours I had the entire body done. Now I have the ribbing. I'm using a random skein of Lion's brand cotton ease in Cherry. Hopefully I will finish up so I can wear it on Thursday!

Happy one year anniversay! I would have thought you've knitted for years. I mean, look at the skull tote you did for god's sake!

Hey, are you stalking me? I started the One Skein Wonder last weekend. i've just been too lazy to post about it yet. I need to sew up the sleeves and finish it.

Can't wait to see how OSW comes out. Oh, and I'm almost done with that vest. I just have to knit up the back. It's really hard to get excited about knitting a wasteland of stockinette stitch on US 5 needles, you know? :P However, I think I'll be done with the freakin' thing by this weekend. It better fit. >:( Grrr.

Good God, will you look at that lineupt for music midtown?? SOOOOOOOO jealous.
I am going to be singing that song all day long now.

I haven't had time for Paxon yet, by the way.
Aw! Thanks Sandra!! That bag is actually really easy to knit up (just time consuming).

Maybe I am stalking you!! MWAH! Or maybe your stalking ME!!! ;)

I have to admit I did start accidetally on purpose b/c I knew you were knitting it up and if I had trouble with it I could just ask you for help. The OSW thing is pure concidence!! Or more likely just that every knitter who loves shrugs is knitting one up right now! I ADORE quick knits! I always feel such accomplishment!!

Dusti- That song was stuck in my head- which is how it turned into my post. Sorry! At least it's a really good song! Funny story though-Graham Smith told me he never plays it live because he can't remember the words.
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