Thursday, June 23, 2005

Oh we're moving on up... to the top.. to a deluxe apartment in the sky has been good to us thus far! 3 sales (thank you Sandra) so far! We have a ton of hits and I've got a few more items to put up tonight.

It's a boost for the ego to know that people actually want the items we are making. Let's just hope it lasts!

I bought a hairband from the other Leah. You know that girl who started that craftster site.... She is really sweet & funny in her emails. I am also interested in a couple of zines. There are tons of new sellers everyday & some great stuff up there!

I'm doing laundry and trying to prepare to make a mad dash from ATL to Jax for my friend Tammy's baby shower. It's on Saturday in the AM and I have to work til 5 tomorrow. So it seems that we will be hitting town on the late side. Oh well...

On the knitting front I am mere rows away from finishing the back of my accidentally on purpose. I haven't cast on to the skull illusion scarf yet but I will have a 5 hour drive tomorrow to get to work on both! That means I should have a pictorial update by Monday.

I know you are all dying for one! Unfortunately 20 inches of stockinette stitch is as boring to look at as it was to knit. Luckily this vest is kick ass when it's finished (or else it would be relegated to the unfinished objects pile). Yeah, I can be a quitter!

I have been looking all through etsy for something to buy. I really like checkersumthings clutches...
agh, so not in the mood to finish that vest. agh, i say. . .

and ooh, can't wait to get that shirt!
Those clutches are too cute! I love the ghostie! There is some really brilliant stuff up there! I swear I am spending money as fast as I am making it! :)

I hear you about the vest Sandra. I didn't knit on it at ALL this weekend & I had plenty of time to.

At least you are on your seaming! :p
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