Saturday, June 11, 2005

She likes the faded things...

So the past few days have been a whirlwind of activity!! Isaac came home on Thursday and we spent the afternoon unpacking, washing really dirty clothes and just being happy that we were together.

I also finished up my one skein wonder by the amazing Stefanie Japel.
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I also sewed the headband I have on in that pic. It was a crafty afternoon. I used lion brand cotton ease in "Cherry" and knit it up on size 8's & 5's. It was a quick knit & so cute. I got a ton of compliments on it that night. I will be making a few more of these.

That night was the Jonathan Richman. 2 hours & 18 songs. We were right smack dab in front of him & he was amazing (like always)!! He has this way of putting his emotions across so powerfully! I was right in front of him and I had a total perma-grin the whole time. He kept staring at me and smiling. I am sure I looked like a total goof but I don't care!! At the end of his second set he played "Her mysteries are not of high heels" and then he winked at me!!! *Swoon* He is really one of the best performers I have ever seen!!

Ah Jonathan!
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Last night was the first night of music midtown. It was a steady drizzle the entire time. People watching was very entertaining. Tons of girls in super high heels who were not ready to rock out in the rain. One girl was even wearing a dry cleaning bag on her head to keep her hair dry. I am sure she looked much cooler in the bag than with wet hair.....

We saw Lou Reed, Interpol & The White Stripes. I was really impressed with Lou Reed. He had a total Sonic Youth Guitar killing sound going on & it rocked! Interpol was solid. They sounded pretty much exactly like the album. The White Stripes rocked out. I have seen them 4 times now & the best show was in 2001 at the Cow House in Tally (they only played to 60 people & were so cool). This show had a massive stage set up including a grand piano and white plastic trees. Meg was a lot tighter than in the past & really impressed me and Jack was dressed like a matador (I think he was going for the old southern blues man look but it flopped). He played til' his finders bled -literally.

So now we are off to see Bloc Party, Keane, The Killers, Common and the Pixies.

Ahh, that headband is so pretty. I love it!

Fabulous OSW. I love that cherry red. You look so cute in that little ol' shrug.

Once again, I have say, I am sooooo jealous. Keane, Bloc Party, THE PIXIES?!?!?! Nooooo. . .take me with you. . .*throws tantrum on the floor*
It was rainy but amazing!!! You OSW is great too! I love your color & cashemere!! YUMMY!!
That is a totally cute top & handband. You got skills, girl!

Awww thanks Amy!!
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