Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Etsy.com is now open! DIY shopping HEAVEN!!

So my rants about buying DIY continue today but with good news!

The folks at get crafty have opened up an online shop for anyone who wants to sell handmade items. ANYONE at all! So if you knit, crochet, embroider (yeah, this means YOU DK), sew or even make music or stencil shirts they will sell your items.

The fees are free until July 31st & nominal after ($.20 to list an item & 3.5% of the selling price for items sold). There is no end date so anything you put up is up til it sells.

Isaac & I have been toying with the idea of opening up an online shop for awhile. He has CD's art work & tee's to sell & I have all my knitted, sewed and stenciled items.

So this morning we opened Repurposed goods. There is nothing on the site yet but I am putting items up on our Repurposed via etsy site right now. So far I have CD's but I am adding tee's, belts, headbands and shirts this afternoon.

It is such a great starting point to get your items out there. I applaud the people who worked so hard to put it together and I truly hope folks will support it!

I am passionate about getting more people to buy DIY & I think etsy will be a great start. I hope to see all my peeps opening up stores and selling their amazing handcrafted wares.

So c'mon I know you guys have stuff to sell....

the first link you posted goes straight to a german site.
Yeah we haven't put up a placeholder. I have no clue why our hosting (top5hosting) sends it there.
When I first read about etsy.com on the carftster blog, I almost wet myself. Very exciting, isn't it? Even a poor shlub like me can put all sorts of crazy crap up for sale and actually get paid for it. Can't you believe it?

And congrats on your soon-to-be new site. You MUST let all of us know as soon as it's up and running and not German.

Ich verstehe Deutch ein bisschen koennen. . .ah, nicht wirklich. :P
It is sooo exciting Sandra! We actually made our first sale...ALREADY!! Woot woot!

Oh & no more german! A proper placeholder has it's spot now!
i just learned about etsy last night. what a brilliant idea! congratulations on your sales. i need to go check out your wares on there.
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