Sunday, June 19, 2005

Back on the chain gang

Whew! This has been a long week away from my lovely computer! I have so much to tell!

So lets begin with the beginning! Last Sunday night was DEVO! It was the best show I have ever seen! They played every song a DEVOtee could want. Booji Boy threw out bouncy balls (we got 2 of them) & Isaac even caught one of the sweet blue powerdomes they threw out. He was super nice & gave it to this 13 year old DEVO obsessed girl who flew in from Ohio with her DEVO obsessed mom. They were so sweet!

At 50 something those guys ROCK! We made it to the front row at the show & had this lovely picture published on the front page of the AJC arts section last Monday.
Image hosted by
That is Isaac in the middle of the photo & about 3/4 of my face in the left corner.

We also saw Tegan & Sara (who were really great- go see them if you get the chance), Joan Jett (who was old & sad), Biz Markie (Hilarious), Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh (seriously rocked the house!!) and Coheed & Cambria (they put on a great show as well).

We spent Monday- Friday at Lake Burton. Beautiful & relaxing. I got a lot of knitting done. I finished a second one skein wonder in slate blue cotton ease and have almost finished a third in elann Peruvian wool & a random (but expensive) skein of random German wool. I am about 2 inches away from finishing the back of my "accidentally on purpose". I have a feeling I won't finish that for a long while!

Last night we went to indie craft experience. It was a great turn out with a ton of really cool crafters! I bought a super cute wallet from the girls at deli made who were really sweet & one of them was from Jax. I also bought a purse from Jessica at flap bags. I have spoken to her on craftster a few times & she is so nice in person! I also met India*Romeo. She was really nice too. I was so impressed with eveyone's wares! I will post pics of the purse & wallet tomorrow.

For now I am off to eat cake!

ooh, those flap bags are so sweet. i want one too!!! And i've always been a huge fan of india romeo as well. lover her stuff.

must post pics of wallet and bag ASAP!
You should buy a bag IMMEDIATELY Sandra!! They are so lovely & well made in person! The pictures will never do the bags justice! I promise you will LOVE it!

Plus Jessica is a wonderful sweet person & deserves the buisness!

I will be buying another one for sure!
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