Thursday, May 26, 2005

The end is near.....

Well for my felted bag with skulls anyway!!! I've been working on this bag for 15 days in tandem with Lisa and we have both been wondering at what point to start on the bottom. The pattern is from Glampyre's amazing site. I love that you can really make it your own with the striping and the colors but there is no instruction on when to start the bottom. She uses a CD in a picture for scale. So I decided to measure it. 23 (or so) inches is the magic number. Well mine is already 24 so....... WOO HOO!! I'm starting on the bottom!

Here are the progress pics:

A close up
Image hosted by

And a pic with my 12 lb. tom cat Max to really show the scale. Please excuse the totally weird pattern of the free couch (It is an amazingly comfy couch & I keep meaning to get a cover for it)!

Image hosted by

I'm going to do the bottom in the blue & the blue/purple.

Of course there are still handles and all those damned floats to tie off but the finished product is so close now!

In other news tiny showcase sold out there latest print in less than 24 hours & I got print NUMBER 1 (I told you I was obsessed)!! All the proceeds went to the ASPCA. I am so glad that so many people are finding their site and supporting them! They are really cool people with a passion for bringing new artists to the forefront. I am glad to support them!!!

no!!! don't cover that couch!
I really and honestly like the pattern but it looks very weird with all our thouroughly vintage (read- cheap) 50's thrift store furniture.

The print is even weirder than what you can see. It is foxes, chickens, horses and squirrles. HMMMMM....

Although I am sure you will get your wish as I doubt I will ever get around to buying a cover.
Oh wow, your bag looks so great. I can't wait to see the FO!

And that couch rocks the kasbah, yo. Don't touch a thing!
You guys are too much!!!

OK I will give in to laziness & leave it be!
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