Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Home again home again jiggity jog

So I survived my 3 day weekend in J-ville. It was good for the most part. I managed to see my whole family and since my mom & my sis were never together so there was no major fighting. I got a haircut, did some thrift sto' shopping and got to get a LOT of knitting done.

On the knitting front I finished the bottom of my skull bag. Hopefully I will cast on the handles tonight! I can't wait to felt it!!! Lisa posted about how odd it is to be beyond excitement to work so hard on something so big just to shrink it. My step mom was amazed at that fact as well. Maybe it is because I never got shrinky dinks as a kid. I was so deprived!!

On the thrift store front I got a painting for the thrift store revamp part II.

She is quite lovely and hopefully my partner will do something spectacular with her.

Channon received my "last supper" revamp & said she loves it!! YAY!! I am really glad!

I also bought 2 great crafty books this weekend. I got a copy of vogue knitting from 1972. It has pages & pages of stitches I have never seen & a ton of lace patterns. Amazingly the patterns for the sweaters, bags and bikinis are really cute & I may modify a couple to make them.

I also got the "McCall's big book of childrens art activities" from 1952. It has the COOLEST illustrations & some really awesome ideas! Over 1000 ideas for $.25 !!!

So I am on the fence about which project to start next. The spiderweb capelet from Sn'B nation or the Accidentally on Purpose vest from Sn'B. I have the yarn to make both but I am torn.....

Any thoughts?

depends. . .do you have a 40" bust? because if you do, that accidentally on purpose vest is the way to go! :P All kidding aside, I really do like the vest. Just trying to figure out size is a complete pain in the butt. I'm sure a little number crunching would solve the problem but that would involve way too much thinking on my part. That's the reason I use patterns in the first place. Hate thinking. . .
I'm much closer to the 30 in bust (unfortunatley)

I think I will be safe with the small (I'm pretty much shaped like a 13 year old boy with hips).

I would hate to try to figure out the size mods. It seems like the dropped stitches would make it fairly stretchy so hopefully the small will work out for you too!

I can't wait to see your FO!!

The anticipation might kill me, you know.

Also, how did you do your handles? I'm about a half an hour's knitting away from doing those. :)
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