Saturday, May 14, 2005

My baby likes to boogaloo

So I was all about knitting last night then our friends from FL got in early and so we ended up going out early. The plan was to hit the earl right before the woggles went on but we ended up seeing both the opening acts as well. They were pretty good but nobody beats the woggles!! They are a local ATL band & man can they put on a straight up rock n' roll show! They are friends of ours & I've seen them tons of times but their shows never get old! It is like a major dance party! I'm totally zonked today!

I got a ton of the felted skull bag done today (well half of the rows for the skulls). Here is my progress as of last evening (this is right before I started the skulls).

I will post pics of the rest tomorrow. Isaac has the camera right now.
My skulls are super hot pink (flamingo to be exact) and look so cool! I found the best skeleton fabric at hancock fabric today. I am going to use it to line the bag. I also found amazing dia de los muertos fabric. It is bright & busy but the skeletons will be great for applique!!

Leah, I like the progress you made on that bag. Like the color combo and the pink skulls sound great. Can't wait to see more pics of your progress. I've seen this bag over at Stephanie Japel's site and it is awesome. I would love to get around to making it sometime soon.

Thanks so much for the comment you left on my bloggie. Wow, that was such a nice thing to say. Totally made my day.

:D <----- See?
The bag's looking mahhhhvelous. Kudos to you on your lining fabric find. I haven't even started looking for mine yet.

Are you doing handles or drawstrings?
Thanks you guys!! It knits up really fast & I am really enjoying it! I say go for it Sandra!

The lining find was a fluke but it is AWESOME!! I will post some pics later.
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