Tuesday, May 24, 2005

My latest obsessions

So I have been really busy this week. It's the end of the school year and I have endless exit assessments to write and 4 weeks of camp activities to come up with! BLAH!!! I have been drinking at least one enormo-sized dunkin donuts iced coffee a day (sometimes 2) and they have barely been getting me thought the day. When oh when will there just be a caffeine injection?

So I'm really excited about the thrift store revamp swap I just finished on craftster. I was sent this picture.

I was both intrigued and a tad bit worried about working with a religious picture. I am not religious but I wanted to do the idea of Jesus justice- just because I'm not religious doesn't mean I have something against him. So this is what I did:

The idea came to me when I was on a fashion website with models wearing "Jesus is my homeboy" t-shirts. I thought he needed a good reason to be with his peeps.

Lisa is the only person other than Isaac (who is decidedly biased I might add) to see it yet. She gave me some lovely words of praise (get the pun) and made me feel really good about the choice I made with it! I really hope that Channon (the crafster receiving it) will like it.

Beyond caffeine I am obsessed with tiny showcase. They have the most amazing quality prints at the best prices. Most are $12.00 and mind you they are only 5X5 or so but they really are AMAZING!!! They do a new print each week and I think I am addicted to buying them! Maybe I will cover an entire wall with them.

The skull bag is coming along slowly but nicely. I am sure to have plenty of time to finish it up as Isaac left today for 3 weeks of tour. I miss him terribly already but I know he loves doing tours and will have a great time. It's just not the same here when there is no odd cassio sound or super loud guitar blaring from the back room. Luckily with laptops, wifi & cell phones I talk to him all the time but I still have to make my own coffee and miss nightly walks and snuggles! Boo!!

Leah, what an awesome job you did on that picture. Wow, I am sooooo impressed. I really like the quote you used. I LOVE Leonard Bernstein like you wouldn't believe. Wow :0
very impressive!
I wonder sometimes if the amount of energy I get from all of the Dunkin's coffee I consume is somehow negated by the amount of energy I use running back and forth to the bathroom.

If your gig with the kids doesn't work out, you should consider becoming a famous collage artist specializing in thrift store revamps.

tinyshowcase rocks!
Thanks guys!!

I'm not sure I could make it as a "famous collage artist" but I may be addicted to thrift store revamps!!

Sandra I too adore Leonard!! I was happy to find a great use for one of my favorite quotes!! Your danicing cow is hypnotic!!
So I got to your site from craftster and was glad to see your thrift store creation. Sweet job! I love the idea/theme that you went with and Jeezy Creezy scratching records with his peeps. :)

I'm intrigued with the rest of your blog and the music site you have going on too. I'm going to bookmark your site!

Are you participating in part 2 of the revamp? If so, I'll see you around there too.

Your friend,
Thanks Amy!! I'm glad you appreciate it too!!

I am participating in part 2! I just need to find a picture. The one you picked is great!!
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