Thursday, May 19, 2005

So much for progress

Yeah just when I thought I was knitting up a storm on my fair isle skull bag.... I have only knitted 4 rows in 2 days!!!

In my defense I was making a swap angel package for Aada who got flaked out on for the Law & Order swap AND I had the best time "revamping" my last supper thrift store picture for that swap. Man it is gonna be hard to give it up! I really hope Channon likes it! I love the way it turned out!!

Earlier in a very rare lull in work I was randomly scrolling through blogs here on blogspot & wondering "With so many knitting blogs how long will it take to find one". The answer (for me and at that time) was 15. I found yarn envy. A very nice little knitting blog.

She had this posted which I think is awesome & a weird coincidence!!
Image hosted by

On the way to yarn envy I found a blog "written" by a woman by "narrated" by her dog who is battling cancer, a blog "written" by a super hero about his love life, a blog detailing the lunch of a "Mr.x" (yep his entire blog was what he had for lunch everyday) and the blog of a young woman (she said 17) who is a devout baptist and obsessed with getting married.

I also found a ton of blogs in foreign languages. It was an interesting afternoon.

I have also been obsessively over this post on craftster. The post is locked now but the author started a thread about loving walmart and basically said that even though walmart is an evil corporation we should all just get over it as "resistance is futile" (she really did say that and yes my star trek geeky self had to suppress a laugh). It really amazes me that so many people are so willing to just lay down and say "I know this is wrong but it's cheap & easy and if I don't buy from them it won't really make a difference". Yeah my business doesn't make a difference to their bottom line but it makes a difference to my conscious.

I know that you can't convince someone whose mind is already made up (just like she couldn't convince me to change my view) but it amazes me how little respect she had for the idea of change. I guess it shouldn't as most of the country agrees with her.
It really makes me sad since there are such simple things you can do to really impact the world around you but most people just don't see it or don't care.

It really solidifies my faith in the way I live my life and the choices I make as a consumer.

This is a great resource for being a conscientious shopper responsible shopper

We get great Wal-mart debates over on glitter every once in a while.

I just hope I never find out that Joann's is evil.
Hi. Thanks for the link for the fundraiser. I saw further down the story of the 20+ yo who had diagnosed himself. I have a friend who wasn't diagnosed until he was 26. It's hard to believe but true. So what do you do with children with Autism? Are you a therapist? email if you like at
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