Saturday, July 23, 2005

Drumroll please.....

Here it is as promised (but a day late)- My accidentally on purpose vest from stitch n' bitch nation.

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I used Patton's grace in cardnial on size 5 needles and it took me about a month and a half to finish it (I had to take many breaks from the endless stockinette stitch).

I am really pleased with it! Now if it weren't 95 degrees outside & I could wear it......

Yay! You finished. It looks great on you. A job well don. We can now be twins. Hooray!!
Leah, it looks fabulous. I knit it and frogged it. After dropping the stitches and blocking, it was 28" long. I'm going to start over. How did you get your neckline so nice and neat? I had a hard time with that as well.
looks great!

is grace a wool yarn? because I cant think of any other reason you wouldnt wear this!
Aw!! Thanks so much guys!!!

I can't wait to be twins Sandra! Maybe next time you are in Decatur!

Haze- I had no clue what I was doing with the neckline!! There is a post on craftster that was really helpful! I will find it & post it here!

Yahaira- It is cotton. I was only hesitant to wear it as I am in the GA heat/humidity where the less layers you wear the better. It was 95 degrees today but with the humidity it felt like 101. Yeesh!

I did wear it to dinner & the movies tonight though! It was only 85 degrees then!! ;)
That is so gorgeous!!! I don't know if I have the patience for size 5s, but it might be worth it for something so beautiful. Nice job!!
I will always be a smidge jealous of your knitting abilities.
Oh Leah, that looks absolutely gorgeous! You are such an awesome knitter! I too am a tad bit jealous of your skills.

Great job & thanks for the inspiration.

PS, I *LOVE* the Sublime Stitching curtains in the background. CUTE!
You guys are so great!!! I need to knit more sweaters huh!!

Erin- the knitting on 5's is slow but it is nice & mindless. I knit this while I was working on a few other projects.

DK & Amy- you guys could TOTALLY do this!! It is a basic knit, purl stockinette stitch til you come to the drop & bind off. Seriously you guys could do it!!! :)

I will always be majorly jealous of both of your embroidery skills!! My stitches just never look as nice as yall's!

Oh & Amy thanks for noticing my curtains!!
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