Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I always seem to update on Tuesdays

So we have recovered from Harry Potter fever. Isaac & I both finished the book this weekend. It was bittersweet as I couldn't put it down but I was so sad when it was over. Only one more left. Sigh.

Here are the pictures from the borders party on Friday night. It was too much fun! The turn out was substantially larger than the one for Goblet of Fire or Order of the Phoenix.

We did quite a bit of nothing this weekend as well. It is the first weekend I have been able to sit & knit for a few hours with no interruptions. It was very nice. Alas I am still not finished with my accidentally on purpose. Oh well. I suppose I will finish, some day.

How about something less dramatic. I need to find a good pattern for a beret. Yeah I know there may not be such a thing as a good pattern for a beret. Still I need to find one. The reason is of the utmost secrecy and shall be revealed in good time.

A couple of things before I go:

Tiny showcase has a new print tonight. We got our Catia Chien print today. It is so lovely in person.

Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment. This will be my first time seeing Dr. Greene. Isaac swears she is a wonderful dentist but I am still uneasy. Hopefully at this time tomorrow I still have all my teeth.

Oh & we made it to featured items on etsy again this week! As did Amy. Congrats Amy!

ah, it's close to 11 now and tiny showcase still hasn't updated. which stinks because i'm soooo tired. must sleep. . .bleh, i'll wait 10 more minutes and then officially give up.

checked out your pics from the harry potter book store party thingy. you look so cute in that shirt. you, like all of my knitting buddies, devoured that book this weekend, oh my!
You are too sweet! I love the way my shirt turned out!!

Ugh- I wish they would update too!!!! I'm so tired too!!
YES! I was just coming on here to tell you that we're both featured sellers on Etsy! Woo-hoo! We rock, dude.

By the way, it looks like you had fun with the Harry Potter party. :)

I may very well be the LAST person to get into the Harry Potter thing-I went to the library today to check out the first or second book, but they were out...
Kym- if you ever go thrift store shopping look in the kids books. I see tons of the paperbacks of the first few and they are usually $.75 to $1.00.

Well worth it!! I promise!
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