Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I love lists!

Productive things I got done this weekend:

1. We took our tiny showcase prints to the framers to get them the lovely frames they deserve. Now only 20 days to wait for them to be finished! BOO!

The new print goes live at 10 pm tonight. Yeah, I love tiny showcase.

2. Bought a new DUVET cover for our new comforter! I love the word duvet. It's weird in America how we just adapt foreign words for our own.

3.I gave Isaac a haircut. My how sexy he looks with short hair! YUM!!

4. We replenished our supplies for screenprinting. We got lots of good stuff & printed our first new design for the line. It's the bird I drew for our logo but done only in blue. Girly sized T-shirts are at our etsy shop. We plan on doing a limited edition 5 print run of a new design each week. Hopefully we can keep it up. It's too much fun!

5. I made an apple pie. As vegetarians we don't do the whole BBQ goodies thing on the 4th (but ah how I miss it somedays). I figured an apple pie was the next best thing. It is delicious (if I do say so myself).

6. I've made progress on the two swaps I am in on craftster. I'm working on the thrift store painting revamp round II and the favorite children's book swap. My thrift store painting this round is hideous but I think I have decided on a path to lead it to loveliness.

My childrens book is the Butter Battle Book by Dr. Suess. Tons of possibilities!! I've already made 2 items and I just need a few more. I was planning on laying off of swaps for a while but there is a Wes Anderson swap starting up! I ADORE WES ANDERSON!!

7. I knitted. Yeah I know that is a pretty lame knitting update but I am plugging away on my accidentally on purpose. It's a long road of stockinette stitch. The lovely Sandra in her super hot finished version is my inspiration.

Well, there is more but I feel a need for apple pie a la mode now!!!!

do you need a dark room for screen printing? I was trying to talk Brandon into getting into it and he mentioned something about a dark room.

Is it easy to start off? Any recommendations for a beginner?
I was thinking about doing the accidentally on purpose. I'm feeling intimidated though because I'm still learning a lot of basics. Do you find it a difficult pattern or are you a super experienced knitter?
DK- I will PM you on craftster with the specifics. It's not hard to do (but requires patience & a little practice) & there is a way to do it without a dark room & a way that requires a dark room.

You should go for the accidentally on purpose! Basically you knit 21 inches of stockinette stitch (for the front and 23 for the back). Dropping the stitches is way easier than it sounds and other than that skill it's basically shaping which is pretty easy too. Oh & seaming the 2 pieces together which is really not difficult either! Plus the recommended yarn is Patons grace which is readily available & reasonably priced. If you need any help there is a huge post on craftster about it & I would gladly lend any assistance that I can!

Oh & I can't wait to hear what you think about trekkies 2!!
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