Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I need to learn to make frames

The tiny showcase print this week is amazing!! Do yourself a favor & check it out! It is by an artist that I am blown away by, Catia Chien.

I guess we are lucky that the prints are tiny. Otherwise we might run out of room on our walls.

Damn, that print is so awesome. And it's already sold out. :( I just received the octopus holding the flowers print in the mail a few days ago. I can't wait to get it framed.

And I just checked out Catia Chien's website. What an amazing artist.

can't wait to see you vest, btw!
I love those prints! I have to save up some money so I can start buying some art...
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Kym- the prints are even more amazing in person! The website really doesn't do them justice! Plus the folks who run tiny showcase are super cool!!!

The Catia Chien print is our 5th tiny showcase print.

I can't believe how fast it sold out! The other prints on her web site are great too! Just more expensive. :(

I love that Brandon Reese print! Too cute. Is it your first tiny showcase print? Aren't they lovely?!?!

Oh you will get to see that vest!!!!! I just can't say when I will finish it! BUT I WILL! :)
I have beeen looking all over the net for directions for the skull illusion scarf. YSOLDA's link on craftser doesn't work. I also wrote to her and she no longer has a copy. If you have a copy would you be willing to e-mail it to me? My addy is Titania@frontiernet.net

I sure will Mary! I just need to use my scanner at work as my home scanner sucks! I'll try to get it to you early this week!
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