Friday, July 29, 2005

See this film! I implore you!!

Isaac & I just got home from a screening of the new documentary "Murderball". It was the one of the most real & compelling documentaries I have ever seen (and I have seen a LOT of documentaries)! It is about the US paralympic rugby team and their personal stories as well as the team story of the 2004 games.

The screening was sold out and at the end there was a Q&A with Mark Zupan one of the quadriplegic rugby players from the film who honestly, insightfully and comically answered everyone's questions. He said his main hope was that this movie would raise awareness.

Give it a chance and watch the preview at the link below. It speaks for itself.

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cool- i was hoping that someone would post their opinion of murderball. i'll definitely have to check that out.
I really hope you do Kym! It's an amazing flick!!
did you ever see that pseudo- documentary, "winged migration"? (and i'm not putting them down by saying it's a pseudo documentary- that's what they said in the "making of" featurette)

it's very cool- and the making of the movie was even more interesting.
I really liked Winged Migration! I am slightly obsessed with documentaries! I think we have more docs on DVD than anything else!!
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