Wednesday, August 24, 2005

All day I dream about S.E.X.

Stash Enrichment eXpedition that is.

So I went to a new yarn store yesterday. It's called Why not Knit & the ladies were lovely! Welcoming & very easy to talk to. I ended up buying yarn for all but one of my projects in the queue.

With the encouragement of yahaira and byrony I got the Rowan Polar for the lace leaf pullover from loop-d-loop. I got it in red hot which is a really great fall red. Not too bright, not too orangey!! Plus at $8.00 a ball it was a steal!

I also got some brown sheep cotton fleece for the ballet tee (also from loop-d-loop). I got it in a really great steely grey blue called Rue.

I still need to get some yarn for the fingerless mitts.....

I probably won't start any of these til' I finish up the cardi I am working on now but I do plan on swatching for the lace leaf pullover tonight.

Oh & before I forget, camping pics are here.

You are very much my knitting idol right now: the leaf sweater is so gorgeous and I'd love to see how it looks in red!! :)
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Awwww!! Erin that is really nice of you to say!

I've just become completely obsessed with knitting lately. In a good way though!

I think this sweater screams for red as well. Oddly enough I have been trying to stop knitting so many things for myself in blue & red. So what yarns do I buy? Blue & Red of course!! Oh well, maybe next time!
I'm glad I could help! Especially a fellow red and anthony lover : )
Hi Leah! The camping pictures looked absolutely dreamy. Thanks for posting them.

Also, you kick so much ass with knitting! That doll is AMAZING! Plus your tops are gorgeous, as usual. I want to knit something to wear (other than a scarf) but I'm just too scared! Perhaps I'll get enough courage someday. :-)
Amy you should try a garment! There are so many easy shrug patterns & sweater patterns even. It's all about increasing & decreasing. Sometimes shaping the neck can be a pain but after your first sweater you will get the hang of it!!

Just PM me on craftster if you want some pattern recommendations!!
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