Saturday, August 27, 2005

I LOVE Isaac!!!!

Last night my amazingly wonderful husband bought me a present. One of the most thoughtful presents he has ever given me. He got me a set of Denise interchangeable needles!!! I was telling him that I needed a couple more circulars for the ballet tee & the lace leaf pullover and I was lamenting the cost of buying so many circulars in different lengths. We started talking about Denise needles & how when I tried a pair I really liked them. He told me I should get some but I felt really bad spending the money when I spent so much on yarn a few days ago.

So when I got home last night there they were. With a little love note. He actually went to the Denise website to find a store in Atl. that sold them & then went to a Yarn store by himself to buy them!! He really is considerate & wonderful!

Now I really want to cast on to something with circs but... I'm holding out! I want to finish up my other projects first.

Speaking of other projects here are some pics of my one button cardigan from knit.1.
Image hosted by
The back

Image hosted by
The bottom of the left front

I love the semi-self striping pattern that this homespun makes!

I finally got around to putting pictures of our pics up in the flickr owners pool

Lastly for your viewing pleasure, pictures from my lazy saturday...

Image hosted by
Malaysian tofu curry- our dinner last night! YUM!!

Image hosted by
Max & his new friend the banana spider. He loves to sit at the window & watch this spider spin his web. It's very cool.

Denise interchangeables are the best present ever. Isaac rules!

BTW, you made fun of me for asking you if the lelah lace was hard when i was trying to make a clapotis-- it was for a good reason! i had a flaky few moments tonight and the clap was so messed up, i ripped it all out! i'll try again later :)
That's so sweet--what a great husband! It's weird, too, because my Denise set came this week, too. The ladies in my knitting group decided that each set of Denise should have a middle name ("Denise Madonna, Denise Anne"), but maybe naming needles is the point we've all gone too, too far! :) Have fun with them!!
You lucky lady, you! My friend Rachel from my old knitting group got the Denise set & she *loved* them!

Ok, that tofu curry looks REALLY yummy! If you made that, you totally have to e-mail me the recipe. ;-)
Thank you for coming by my site and the sweet comment. I'd be DELIGHTED if you linked to me - as long as I can link back.

Issac is the MAN.
Kym- I'm so sorry about clapotis!! I feel like I jinxed you!! :(

Erin- The denise needles are awesome!! I really love working with them! Apparently the lady at the yarn store was trying to sell him Addi's. I've told him I don't even want to try them as I don't want to know what I'm missing! My denise's will do.

I wonder what my set's middle name is....

Amy- check your email later tonight & I will send you the tofu recipe! It's really easy!

Eunny- thanks so much! I will def. link to you & I would love for you to link to me! Your work is really amazing! I can't wait to see what else you come up with!
Here's me being pushy, pushy: would you mind sending me the recipe, too? That dish looked so good!! :)
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