Wednesday, August 10, 2005

My how time flies!!

So this week is already a blur!!

Camping was AMAZING! There is absolutely nothing in the world that compares to being in the desolate wilderness with Isaac. Just let me say this- I LOVE MY HUSBAND!!

Friday night we camped in a gap (valley to all you non-backpackers) and the view of the stars was beyond words!! We saw a meteor shower and the milky way! Saturday we hiked to the super secret eagle scouts only swimming hole (yes, Isaac was an eagle scout). It is so serene there. I wish we could live in the woods! Blueberries and snuggles were abundant. I will post pictures on my flickr account tomorrow.

In other news I finished my super secret craftster knit!! It ROCKS!!! I almost want to keep it for myself but I will restrain! I also finished all the lace repeats for Lelah! It's such an easy lace pattern. I have the feeling I will be making more of these!

Oh & Secret pal 6 is up for all you knitters or crocheters!! Thanks to Erin for the heads up! If anyone needs a gmail invite for this just let me know!!

Cyanotype news has been hot this week! The CD and shirts are selling well at etsy and there has been a flurry of interest and new reviews! YAY! My favorite is at Pale bear. Not only is it a great review it was unsolicited!! What a bonus! They also did a review of some of Susie's aka boygirlparty band Snoozer's stuff. I am obsessed with her "Winter stops" ep as well as a mixed CD she made me for a craftster swap! We also found a cyanotype link on a blog from the UK that is a person neither of us knows!! It's really gratifying to see the fruits of all our labor!

I especially like that they compare Isaac to Lou Reed!

Oh & I am slightly obsessed with Anthony Bourdain & his new show on the travel channel No reservations.

Why is it all my crushes are on guys who are older, dorky & from the North? Hmmmmm?

glad to see that cyanotype is doing so well! hooray!

and doesn't susie make the best mixed CDs? i had her as a CD swap partner over at craftster a few months ago and I love, love, LOVE the CD she made for me. I'm assuming that she made an incredibly kickass cover for your CD as well?

Glad to see you made it back from the woods in one peace. I personally am not one for dirt and trees. Well, for an extended period of time anyways. :P
I'm glad cyanotype is doing well too! :)

Yes, Susie is possibly the BEST mixed CD maker in history! She put a few of my favorite obscure bands on it & I was floored! I have never known anyone else who liked them!

She also put some great local RI bands on it that I am now addicted to. PLUS she put some mp3's up on her website for me of a really hard to find 70's band The Nerves. She is a really cool girl!

I can't believe you don't like the woods! Your so close to my most beloved woods in Upstate NY! We had a summer house there when I was a kid & I adore it! I wish we had more time to travel so I could take Isaac. Whenever we are in NY it is always for a show or some other urban adventure. We really need to make the time to go camping up there!
Welcome back from camping--sounds like a great trip and I'm getting crazy excited about the secret pal swap!!
Erin- I am so excited too!! I've already been thinking about what I will send & how awesome the snooping will be! I love the idea of secretly finding out about someone & then giving them things!!
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