Monday, August 22, 2005

Some finished objects

So I've finished Lelah! It was a really fun knit! Thanks to Christine for the lovely pattern and Jessica for the pattern mods for a small.

So here she is:

Knit up in slate blue cotton ease. I think I will make the next one in some lovely soft wool.

I'm also posting a link to my SUPER SECRET swap knit. SO.... if you are Jade/my partner in the Wes Anderson swap & you don't want your surprise ruined, don't click here.

I've also cast on to the one button cardigan from the last issue of knit.1. I'm using the recommended homespun in a color that is actually nice (it's a variegated green, purple, grey) called romantique. I'm making it for a friend who saw the pattern, doesn't knit & has no use for sweaters that need to be hand washed.

I've also been working on picking out a substitute yarn to knit up the lace leaf pullover from loop-d-loop/IK. I'm thinking of using rowan polar as the ladies at my LYS have a surplus of it & I may be able to get it for a deal. There is lots of talk about it over on craftster. I'm eager to see how all these sweaters with sub. yarn turn out. It seems that no one is using the recommended yarn for this one. It is pricey & my yarn store peeps made it seem not so comfy.

Oh, now it's time for Anthony Bourdain! SWOON!!!

And here I thought I was the only one who had a secret crush on Anthony Bourdain!
The lelah looks really cute on you, I definately need to get myself in gear and knit one of those.
I heart Polar, it's really soft and has some great color choices. If you can get it at a good price I would suggest it. I think you can get gauge with 11's or 13's.
Lelah is beautiful: nice, nice work! And I love the surprise for your swapper, too--she's lucky! :)
I think you're my knitting hero. Seriously.
That is super cute!! Have you ever knit lace before? I'm intimidated by it- do you think it's a good lace beginner project?
love your lelah! and the secret project is fabulous! you are one speedy lady.
You guys are too cool!! Thanks for all the compliments! I told my husband last night that all the comments feel kind of like when he gets good record reviews. :)

Yahaira- I am so glad to know that someone else appreciates him! Funny story I have actually been a fan of his since reading his New Yorker piece about 6 years ago in my dentists office waiting to have 2 cavaties filled. It was the only good part of that dentist visit!

Kym- I have knitted one lace project before. It was branching out scarf from I think honestly the lace pattern on lelah is easier. I say go for it! It's a really quick knit if you aren't working on multiple projects at one time!
hey, Leah. been mia for a we bit. just got back from laguardia airport. i was down in dallas for a week. i have to say that your lelah is gorgeous. and you are quite the model to boot! hot stuff! woohoo!!! ;)
Sandra your making me blush!! ;)
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