Monday, August 15, 2005

There's a taste in my mouth and it's no taste at all....

So, I'm recovering. From what you might ask. Where do I begin???

*From having my wisdom teeth removed this morning. It really wasn't as bad as I was expecting. Mind you I am still totally numb & have already taken vicodin (as prescribed thank you). I'm sure it will hurt later but it's not so bad now. I've got my laptop & I'm watching star trek TNG. Isaac told me to be careful watching it as I'm taking such heavy pain meds. It may induce some interesting hallucinations.

I'll keep you posted.

*We had my dad's surprise 50th birthday party in jax over the weekend. It may be the vicodin talking but I swear I can still taste the combo of tequila shots & corona's. Before I give anyone the impression I am a lush let me tell you I do enjoy a glass of wine or a Newcastle once or twice a week. My stepmom was INSISTENT that I keep drinking. We started at about 5pm & got home at 3:30 am. Seriously my family knows how to party. We ended the night at my dad's usual drinking spot - the local American legion. That was the most fun. All the patron's were really fun & kinda wild.

After all that I promise I will put pictures of the party & camping up later this week. You HAVE to see the pictures! We also have video. Maybe Isaac can help me put that up too.

I wore my accidentally on purpose to the party. It was a huge hit! My sister even requested one. Maybe I can finish it by christmas.... ugh!

So I am off to knit on lelah. Thank goodness I'm done with the lace patterns- that way if the hallucinations get the better of me I won't have to frog the whole thing! :)

Your dad and stepmom are some seriously great people. I always felt so warm and welcome around them!
can you do me a favor? can you please tell me what it means when someone says that they frogged something? does it mean they messed up and just fixed it in a different way or that they just ignored the pattern and made it up?

i always feel like a jerk because i never know what people are talking about :)
dk- your comment really warmed my heart!! Thank you!!

I love my Dad & stepmom. They are the coolest parents ever!

Kym don't feel like a jerk!! :)

There are so many things I read in a knitting book or pattern & have to look up!

Frogging is when you rip out your stitches. So if you have ever taken an item off your needles and started unraveling it then you have frogged something.
thanks for finally shedding some light on the frogging thing! apparently i frog quite frequently :)
glad to hear that you made it alive from the dentist's chair.

and drink up! no need for any explainations. ;) heeehee.
Good luck with the wisdom teeth! At least they never grow back! And what's with family members pushing the lushness... where were they when we *wanted* to be lush? Watch videos and get better!! :)
wisdom teeth suck! feel better soon :)
Thanks guys!! I'm feeling much better but I have never craved cool ranch doritos so much in my life! I think it's because I know I can't eat anything crunchy for a few more days.

Isaac said he would buy me some if I want to lick the flavoring off of them. Hmmmmm....... It may come to that!
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