Tuesday, August 30, 2005

What is the meaning of life???

That is the question my friendly neighborhood Jehovah's witness just left me with. It's funny his name is Mark & he comes by once a month. Last month's pamphlet was about living forever on earth & had some really incorrect/offensive (in my opinion) things about Judaism written in it. You might be asking why I even answer the door. Well the house has French doors so by the time you can see whose at the door they see you too & I just feel way too bad to just walk away. I always take his pamphlet & remind him that I am caring for a disabled child & can't talk. I wonder what the watchtower will tell me the meaning of life is.....

I'm sure Mark wouldn't approve but Sunday night we saw the aristocrats. It was a really great, really funny & completely offensive movie! I HIGHLY recommend it!

Last week was a good mail week. We got our recording of the pixies music midtown performance from the show. The CD sounds amazing. You would never know it was a concert with 20,000 people. There are still CD's available for lots of the dates at Pixies discs.

We also got our latest print from tiny showcase. They have a new print up tonight!

Sunday was spent working on recordings for the new Cyanotype CD. The demos are sounding nice (if I do say so myself). I think we have found an artist to do the cover art. Her name is Sally Harless & you can check out her work at Sadly harmless. I adore her Captain Snarleyhook vs The House of Brontosaurus Rex print!!

In knitting news I'm on the last sleeve of the one button cardi. Now to finish that up, seam the sucker & pick up 256 stitches! EEK!!!

Oh & for those who were interested I will put the Malaysian tofu curry recipe up tonight!!

ooh, can't wait for the new cyanotype release. i'll be first on line to get it, believe me.

and oh my gosh, i had no idea that my blog was linked over at the cyanotype site! what a pleasant surprise. :)

and yum, that tofu curry looks delish.
Sandra you are so sweet!

I'm glad you don't mind that Isaac linked to you. He thought that you were such a great review/model!!

I'd love to hear what you think of the tofu curry if you make it!
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