Saturday, September 03, 2005

And then the time will come when you motor away.....

Isaac is out for the day volunteering at decatur yellow bike. It's a non profit that takes old run down bikes & fixes them up for people in the community to use vs. driving. It's a great cause & I have a feeling that as gas prices rise more people will be taking advantage of it!

The mass hysteria that abounded here on Wed. was shocking! A rumor was going around that Atlanta would run out of gas so EVERYONE decided they had to get gas. Luckily I filled up on Tuesday! It looked like the pictures from the 1970's where cars spilled out into the street trying to get gas. People pulled guns on each other & got into fist fights. I really feel like mad max time is here.

It makes me glad that Isaac decided to get a bio-diesel car. Down with dependence on non renewable resources!! I love my volvo v-40 but it really makes me wish I could get one that ran on bio-diesel. Boo! Our friend Rob is passionate about converting everyone to bio-diesel. His website is a wealth of info!! Veg energy.

In Knitting news I just seamed up my sweater & need to pick up the stiches for ribbing. I am so slooooooow at picking up stitches. Maybe I will finish it by next week! Hmmmmph!

Oh & I just wanted to post for those who haven't seen:

Craft Revolution/crafters united has FAR surpassed their initial goal of $1,000.00! It is great to see the response!! It makes me glad to be a creative mind!! The two shirts we donated sold the first couple of hours they were up!! YAY! I've bought a couple of christmas gifts from them so far as well as some things for myself!!

Thanks to Erin for offering up her yummy absinthe yarn! I can't wait to get me knitty little hands on it!!

We had a gas panic here too. I won't say what state we are in, but we are on the east coast. there were false reports on the radio that gas stations were going to be closing at a certain time, etc. there were stations that were closed on some of the main streets, because they were out of gas, which was an odd sight, and lines stretching for 1-2 blocks at other stations. WTF?
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