Saturday, September 10, 2005

I was tagged...

I was tagged by Kym at stix and the city. Thanks Kym!!

TEN YEARS AGO: I had just started college and was working at the Italia D' Oro coffee shop in downtown Jax. I was dating a guy named Mickey Faith (I kid you not) and spending every night as a runner for the coolest bar (at the time) in Jax, the Milkbar. I usually slept about 3 hours a night. I met John & John from TMBG, Mike Ness, all the guys from De La Soul, blink 182 (who were not surprisingly a-holes). The most important person I met that year was Isaac.

FIVE YEARS AGO: I was working at the Jericho school for children with autism & developmental delays & hating the bureaucracy. Isaac & I had just started dating (FINALLY) and I was planning a move to Atlanta.

ONE YEAR AGO: Isaac & I were planning our one year wedding anniversary trip to Cumberland Island. I was starting my 3rd year of running Play for Tomorrow ,an afterschool inclusion group for children with developmental delays, that I founded and being amazed that we were not only still running but making money!

FIVE SNACKS: Homemade chocolate chip cookies, Ben & Jerry's chubby hubby ice cream, fresh hot southern style biscuits, cool ranch doritos, samosas.

FIVE SONGS I KNOW ALL THE WORDS TO: Allison by Elvis Costello, It takes 2 by Rob Base, Reno Dakota by Magnetic Fields, I walk the line by Johnny Cash, Epic by faith no more .

FIVE THINGS I WOULD DO WITH $100 MILLION: 1. Set up my family & friends so they would never have to worry about money. 2. Set up trustfunds for all the kids that I work with so their families would know they would always be taken care of. 3. Give to all my favorite charities 4. Invest well 5. Travel around the world at least twice!

FIVE PLACES TO RUN AWAY TO: Asheville N.C., Paris France , Fushimi-Inari in Kyoto Japan, my parents house in FL, anyplace with Isaac.

FIVE THINGS I WOULD NEVER WEAR: Anything with huge logos on it (GAP, old navy, Tommy) I don't know why people need to know whose clothes I'm wearing, Yellow- unfortunately it looks terrible on me, Fur, those jeans with "whiskers"- bleck!, porn star shoes- you know the 5 inch heels.

FIVE FAVORITE TV SHOWS: Simpsons, Lost, Freaks & Geeks, Mr. Show, The Daily Show

FIVE BIGGEST JOYS: Traveling, all my hobbies- knitting, stenciling, embroidery etc., teaching, cooking, Making Isaac smile!!!

FAVORITE TOYS: Yarn & needles, my laptop, my cameras, my bike, my volvo v-40

PEOPLE TO PASS THIS ON TO: Erin at knitters not quitters, Amy at sew wabi sabi, Lori at yes I made that Eunny at see eunny knit and Byrony at library girl knits.

I'm almost finished with my umami homemade absinthe yarn project!! I think I will finish it up tonight when we watch "The man with the screaming brain". Bruce Campbell RULES!!

I'm also feeling much better! Thanks for all your well wishes guys!!

Oh & anyone who was interested in the Threadless hurricane katrina relief shirt. They are continuing to print them so check back often. Even though they already reached $50,000.00 they are going to donate all the proceeds from the shirt sales to the red cross (they just aren't doubling it anymore).

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