Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Lace leaf pullover status

I cast on to the lace leaf pullover from "Loop-d-loop" while watching my weekly guilty pleasure VH1's "celebreality" on sunday night. The shows were all pretty lame this week (except best week ever ). I worked on the sweater for about 2 and a half hours and much to my surprise I finished the bottom. I must tell you that the rowan polar I'm using is one of the loveliest yarns I have ever handled. It is beyond soft but that isn't even the best part. The fact that it is a bulky yarn & I've knitted half a sweater & it isn't straining my puny arms to hold it up is AMAZING! Seriously folks I am salivating just thinking of going home & knitting with it! It even crossed my mind to skip the gym tonight to get home quicker- but I decided against that for the sake of future bulky yarns that won't be so light.

Here is my finished bottom:

The texture & color combo actually show off the leaf pattern nicely! I'll take a close up when I get home.

In other knitting news I also finished the ballet tee (sorry no pics til tonight). It is a super fun quick knit! I will definitely be making more of them! I lengthened mine to regular tee shirt length vs. the cropped look which just doesn't do it for me. I love the fit of the tee and the brown sheep co. cotton fleece is really nice in tee shirt form. I also really like the long sleeve version what was in IK last year. The mods for the long sleeves are up on craftster. I think my next one might be more "fall appropriate".

In weekend news Isaac & I went to see "The corpse bride" on Friday. It is a really lovely little flick! I really adore Tim Burton films & this is no exception! I also finally got around to buying the new Dane Cook CD/DVD "retaliation". He is so friggin funny!! I made a trip to the LYS to check out some ideas I had for my secret pal. Thanks Yaharia for all your recommendations! I also bought the rowan 4 ply cotton in black for Orangina. I ordered it from Jannette on ebay so it has a long trip from England but it was a steal!!!

Tonight- new Tiny showcase print!! It promises to be not only a "biggie" but possibly Halloween themed?!?! EEEK!!!! Oh & the new season of the amazing race is on! Yay!!

I am so nervous that I'm going to miss the Tiny Showcase print!! Usually I'm just finishing work or just getting home when they put up the new ones, but tonight I'm helping a friend move and won't be back until late (like 10 pm Pacific). Maybe I'll bring my laptop and duck into a Starbucks quickly...
Great progress on the leaf sweater. The Polar looks so yummy and you got such a great price on that! Can't wait to see the ballet-t. I've heard nothing but great things about that pattern! :)
I can't WAIT to see The Corpse Bride. I've been hyper about it since I saw the first trailer for it.

The leaf sweater looks gorgeous...I've always wanted to try Polar. It sounds great.
that sweater is coming along very nicely, leah.

and i bought the new tiny showcase print last night. i keep telling myself that i'm going to stop for a little while and save up my money but no. yesterday's print was too cute. i had to.
Thanks guys! The polar is amazing to work with! Too bad they discontinued it!! Isn't that always the way.

The new tiny showcase print is AMAZING!! There are still some avaliable for anyone who didn't get one yet!

I know what you mean about trying to quit Sandra! It's like an addiction! The good side is it's fairly cheap & our walls look great!
Im so glad the polar is working out for you and that you like it. I was tempted to stock up on it! The sweater is knitting up so quickly, that maybe I should get a bag of it. Looks great so far
i'm totally impressed with how prolific you are! please show the ballet top -- i'm definitely consider it, along with 18 other things. the leafy sweater looks great!
OMG- the only celebreality I watch is that Bonaduce show- how messed up is that guy?? I feel guilty at the end of every episode for enabling him to shame his family on a weekly basis...
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