Thursday, September 08, 2005

Two things....

Threadless is offering up a very cool shirt to help with relief for those affected by hurricane Katrina. For every $10.00 shirt they sell they will donate $20.00 to the red cross. The shirts are selling fast & can be found here.

Secondly I just heard a Stephen Malkmus song in a Sears commercial!?!?!? What the fuck!!!

i just bought a shirt for myself from threadless. love it!

and yeah, the stephen malkmus song in the sears commercial thing is. . .whoa. i can't really think of any other way to put it.

feel better!
You've been tagged! :)

The questions are here:

You're it- feel better!
SM in an effing SEARS commercial?!
SHUT UP! What the heck happened to that guy? He has a kid and BAM! Sold to Sears.

Oh well. I'm over it.

YOU and Threadless however, ROCK!

Yeah guys the whole music I love in commercials thing has come to a boiling point this year. Sometimes I understand it- the 5,6,7,8's in the vonage commercial, faith no more in the levi's commercial, iron & wine in the m&m's commercial (that is a little more of a stretch but)....

Stephen Malkmus & sears seems really really wrong. Isaac seems to think maybe Stephen thinks it's funny or ironic.... I don't know!

Kym, thanks for tagging me! Looks like fun!

Oh & thanks for all the well wishes! I feel much better today!
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