Monday, September 19, 2005

Yet another FO...

So I finally finished up the one button cardigan from the spring/summer issue of knit.1

It's not the most flattering pic on me since it's a size too large but, you get the idea. I lengthened the sleeves to come to the knuckles, the way Laura likes it. I used homespun in "romantique" it took 3 skeins on size 10.5 needles. I suppose it took me about 3 weeks off & on. I like the sweater but not the homespun. It's soft enough but so splitty & squeaky.

All that is really beside the point. I know Laura will love it. According to her it is the sweater of her dreams. Soft, warm and low maintenance.

On the needles now is the ballet tee from loop-d-loop. I'm knitting it up in brown sheep cotton fleece in a color called "rue". I love this yarn! It is such a soft cotton & double stranded on size 15's it knits up quick to boot! I adore quick knits!

I'm also a bit obsessed with my Denise needles. They are great to work with! They knit so smoothly & I am all about the flexible cords! I can't believe I ever knit with those cheap cruddy circ's before! All those wasted projects.....

Sandra was sweet enough to give me her unused Orangina pattern. I'm thinking of making one in black. It seems so fitting for a sexy lace pattern plus Wendy's at Knit and tonic looks so hot in black!

Oh! Harlem Nights is on! I love Richard Pryor!!!

Looks great! My mom requested this sweater, but I haven't found a substitute yet. I dont have much luck with lion brand.

whats up with everyone knitting the ballet top? Im going to have to join the bandwagon and get my quick knits on!

Thats so cool of Sandra to send you the pattern. Im knitting mine in black as well, though the yarn has been sitting there since May or something. Do you know what yarn you are going to use?
That is so beautiful! How complicated was it to knit? I think I might have to get that pattern... it looks so cozy for fall! And I can't wait to see the ballet top. "Rue" sounds lovely... and not at all in a Golden-Girls sense! :)
very cool! I hated it in the magazine, but yours is fab! Orangina will look fab on you - huury up ;)
The cardigan looks great, Leah! I like it. I may have to get that pattern. The Orangina looks HOT! I can't wait to see it. Glampyre has the best stuff.
I'm glad everyone likes the sweater!! I know Laura will like it!

Yahaira- I think this sweater would look great in wool- I'm not a huge fan of boucle myself. The possibilities are endless since it's so basic! I've been toying with the idea of making one for me but with the ribbing in a contrasting color.

As far as orangina goes I hadn't really thought past the rowan 4 ply cotton. Janette @ janette's rare yarns on ebay has it for a really good deal & she is a lovely seller! What yarn are you using?

Right now I am all about quick knits since I think the next thing I will tackle is the lace leaf pullover! That will probably take me a while!

Erin & Amy- this sweater is so simple. It is actually the cover sweater from the spring summer issue (It's pink on the cover). It's really basic- increases, decreases, ribbing, picking up stitches and a yarn over for the buttonhole. I'm sure both of you guys could do it!

Honestly I think it's a great first sweater project!! I can't wait to see it if you do!!
oooh, that's really cool. it looks so cozy. the yarn looks very pretty in the photo-- i can't believe it's weird and squeeky in real life.
It's not as squeaky when you are just wearing it as when you are knitting with it! Honestly it is soft, warm & pretty light and I like the outcome of the homespun. It's only when it's on the needles that it is weird and squeaky. Or if you rub the sweater between your fingers! ;)
I really like the way your sweater turned out! I didn't like it in the magazine (probably a color issue more than a design issue) but i really like it in the neutral tones of the homespun you used. I may have to have a look in the stash... hmm...
ooh, that cardigan looks so cute and comfy. Faboo job as always, Leah.

Lion Brand gets a bad wrap sometimes. Their Wool-Ease actually feels kind nice. I knit my boyfriend with Wool-Ease and it only cost me 12 dollars in yarn. Can you believe it? Even if I used Lamb's Pride it would have set me back at least 70 bucks. And keeps quiet as well, no squeaking. Yarn shouldn't make noises don't you think?
I think that the color is a major put off for a lot of people. Sure it makes for a memorable mag cover but how many of us really want to wear a full sized cardi in a color called "coral"?

I have to agree with you about lion brand Sandra. I really do like wool ease & cotton ease esp. when I am making things for people I know won't properly care for expensive yarns. Honestly the squeakiness is the worst part of the homespun. I can take splitty, that happens with yarns of all fibre & cost. It's the squeaky I really hate.

It's just one of my ticks. I don't like touching cotton balls either. Too squeaky as well!
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