Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Paste magazine rocks!!

So the Paste rock & reel festival was this weekend. We got to see some great bands like Low, elf power, Manchester orchestra & Howie Gelb of Giant Sand. My favorite band was a hope for a golden summer. Seriously folks click the link & check them out! Any band that displays that much camaraderie & plays the saw live on stage is amazing! Not to mention the beautiful lyrics & really captivating melodies!

We also watched about 8 hours of film. The only feature length we saw was High and Dry which is about the music scene in AZ. A very decent documentary.

Of all the shorts we saw these were my favorites:
Fake Stacy The review explains it all!

Matisyahu- a documentary about the reggae artist & hasidic jew Matisyahu

Spamku- I won a hakiu constest about spam. In 4 minutes there was knitting, sock monkeys & spam. Need I say more?

Wow & Flutter- a brilliant film about one 13 year old's obession with making the perfect mixed tape. The website has a trailer.

My personal favorite was "Found in America". It is a documentary about Found Magazine & it's founder Davy Rothbart. I adore found & it's sister Dirty Found.
I managed to FIND the short in it's entirety here

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