Monday, November 28, 2005

Food hangover

Our little trip to j-ville was lovely but I seriously think I have a food hangover. Or maybe it is all the wine I drank. Eek!

It was wonderful to spend so much time with family & friends. Tons (and I mean tons) of great food and good conversations. Our "turkey" was fantastic!!

Image hosted by

Although it is a technically a "fungus" the quorn roast tastes a lot like turkey! Yum, fungus!!

I also got news that my miyazaki swap angel package has arrived & was well received! Here is my favorite item:

A totoro hat!! I love totoro & have been thinking of making this hat for awhile now. the pattern can be found here

I'm almost finished with one side of the scalloped bag from handknit holidays. I did 3 repeats of the scallops & I found a really cute pair of handles at the fabric store in jax.

I also finished the "anthropologie inspired capelet" from crafster's own lovely julsey!! I had exactly enough rowan polar leftover from my lace leaf pullover to make it! I wore it on thanksgiving & got lots of compliments! I promise to post pics soon (I just need to get some new batteries for the camera).

Now, to decide what's for dinner, Life cereal or a grilled cheese? Hmmmmm! Decisions, decisions!

That hat is adorable (even though I have no idea what it's referencing) and I really like the capelet too. Glad your Thanksgiving was a good one!
I'm glad to hear that you had a good holiday! Also, thanks for the review on the Quorn roast. I forgot they made one, and I'm sure it's a bit cheaper than the Tofurky. So maybe we'll get one for X-mas. Mmm...vegetarian feasts. *drool*

Looking forward to seeing that capelet. My friend Rachel made one too!
Pretty hat. Can we get a shot of you "modeling" it? :) I didn't know Quorn was a fungus. That's pretty wild. I hope you had a good holiday!!!
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