Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I think I hastened spring too quickly~

My armwarmers are finished!

I used one skein of Noro Kureyon and size 7 dpns. I adore the fact that the use of one skein means the stripes don't match up! Of course now that they are finished we are back to typical "fall" weather here in Atlanta & it's 80 degrees outside. I NEED sweater weather!

So apparently other than knitting I am also obsessed with Law & Order. In the past few weeks I find myself watching it more & more. It's to the point that I can tell you when each L&O show will be on any day of the week. It also doesn't hurt my obsession when they play it for hours on end each day.

If one had chosen to do so, one could have watched 11 hours of L&O straight on sunday. You will all be happy to know that I only watched 5!

I know Erin harbors her own L&O obsession so I'm not alone. Maybe I need to start a "law and order" anonymous support group.

At least if I tell myself I will make sure to knit while L&O is on then I will always have plenty of time for knitting!

Merging your obsessions may also have the interesting side effect of dreaming that you are teaching Det. Goren (Vincent D'Onofrio) from Criminal intent to knit so he can catch a criminal mastermind. Seriously folks, it happened to me.

What about your fuzzy feet you may ask. Well apparently you don't mess with the knitting gods. I was reading the Yarn harlots "meditations for women who knit too much" yesterday and I was thinking of how much I agree with her but when it came to losing needles like losing socks I thought "I've never lost a needle". I chocked it up to my OCD organizational skills & continued reading.

Now comes the part where I guess I shouldn't have been so smug. I have lost my 10.5 DPN's. Yes folks the same needles I need to finish my fuzzy feet. I turned the house, my car, Isaac's car upside down & there are nowhere to be found.

So, the moral of the story is: never think "that won't happen to me" because it will & probably within a few minutes.

At least I have a reason to head to the yarn store at lunch!!

the armwarmers look great! mine don't match up either and I really like them that way.

oh no! that sucks about the needles, did you check the sofa? how about near the tv?

Law and Order CI is my fave on by far, my brother and I used to say that L&O was always on somewhere. You could always turn on A&E, USA, or even Court TV and one of the shows would be on.

Thanks for the compliments, I should get your email so I could reply to you properly(hint!hint!)...I say try the accessory scallop pouch from handknit holidays
I love, love, love, love LOVE the armwarmers. They're asymmetrical and vivid and delicious.

Bah! to losing needles. You're right; it's just another excuse to go to the LYS!
Yahaira stole my line.Usually said as so.."hrm.. nothings on..Law and Order is always on somewhere." I love CI, SVU, and the old runs of the original show. Great to knit to as well. Between that and CSI reruns.. I am a happy girl.
wow- i love that colorway. Those will be so great in the dead of winter. Nothing like a little color pick me up...
Thanks for the compliments guys! I never found my needles but I did get some new ones & resisted the urge to buy more yarn at the LYS!

Yahaira & Baast you guys are right. It is on all the time & here is the proof!

When is law & order on

Now if I only quit my job I could knit & watch 8 hours of L&O a day! EEK!
OOhhh you're dreaming about Det. Goren?? I am JEALOUS. That man is a total hunk despite the fact he's old, chubby, and a big dork. I watch like 2 episodes of that show every night too!
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Drool... those are so beautiful. Nice work!! The ladies in my LYS call that shade of Noro Kureyon "the happy one"! Yes... and I share the L&O addiction. Tomas hates Vincent D'Onfrio's character... plus other guys I know do, too? Why do guys hate him??? Beautiful armwarmers!!
This Atlanta weather is very strange. I have a shawl I made last winter and I can't really wear it yet. Wednesday is supposed to be colder. Do you live in Atlanta or around it? I live near Acworth, and I know there is a yarn store in Kennesaw, but I was wondering if you knew of anywhere else good that's not in say, Savannah or Valdosta. Somewhere close to here. You can email me at froggie_sc@yahoo.com if you can give me any tips, it would be greatly appreciated!!!! Oh and I lost a part of my interchangable needle set, I think one cable and both size 7's are AWOL. It stinks.
I was just blogging (hermys.blogspot.com) about needing Law&Order Anonymous, and thought I'd try to find out if they actually existed. And there is one somewhere. It meets at a coffee shop on a number street in a town I have not yet narrowed down. Have you started your chapter yet? I've seen all the SVUs (I think) and am now working my way through CI, with a healthy dose of CSI on the side.
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