Thursday, November 17, 2005

If I had it to do all over again!

This is one of the coolest things EVER!!

A knitted wedding

Wow...I am downright sane next to those people!! That is really cute!

Have a nice time seeing HP (I have yet to jump aboard the HP wagon, haven't even read a book yet) and going to the concert. I hope your friend is feeling well, it must be hard.
thanks for your nice comments on the FEFI! i was browsing your site and noticed you had knit accidentally on purpose! im glad to see someone knit it and it came out good! when i saw that pattern in the book, i figured there was no way i could knit it and make it look nice! i may consider it now!
wow, what is the back story to that wedding! i give them credit -- that amount of knitting makes my to-knit list look like nothin'.
How was the Quorn roast??? :)
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