Saturday, November 05, 2005

Just a quick update!

What a banner week for me (in knitting experiences). Not only can I now cable but I am ALMOST a sock knitter!!

I give you 3/4 of fuzzy foot #1!

Image hosted by

Knit in cascade 220 bluebell (possibly my favorite of all the cascade 220 colors) on size 10.5 needles.

So the whole "heel turning" thing, not nearly as hard as I had imagined! This pattern is really straight forward & they knit up so quickly!!

How about a progress shot on my "hurry up spring" armwarmers while we're at it!

Image hosted by

I'm half way through the second one & I think I will be able to get both armwarmers out of one skein of Noro! That leaves one lovely skein leftover!! Ah the possibilities!!

Now off for a night of bad 50's B-list horror movies & scrabble!

Oohh...dig that colorway on the armwarmers.

And yeah! Socks! Looks great so far!
welcome to the fold!

and now we have the same armwarmers!
oh cool- the armwarmers look great!
i'm the only non-sock knitter left. : (
those armwarmers should hasten spring for certain.
Yahaira, your armwarmers were my inspiration!! When I was thinking of cable projects the picture of yours kept popping into my mind!

I adore the colorway on that Noro & now I am lucky enough to have a skein left over! YAY!

Oh Carrie, don't be sad!! I was really worried about sock knitting (Yahaira can vouch for that) but it is a lot easier than I expected! If I can do it, you can!!
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