Thursday, December 15, 2005

Houston, we have a heel...

Yes, I have been making slow but steady progress on my jaywalkers:

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Amazingly with all the pooling stories I've been reading about sock garden mine is striping nicely! I really love the colors (which this picture is not a good example of) and the fit is great!! I could see knitting a few more pairs of these!

First I will need to polish off a few more projects that are in the queue like turning this:

Image hosted by

into this:
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Edited for Karin and for anyone else weirded out by that picture: It's Tom Baker as Doctor Who. It is a BBC show that was pretty big here in America in the 80's. He is a time traveler who has used his mondo scarf to save the world many times. He is also a major hero of Isaac's childhood.

Thankfully it will be a "mini" version & not the typical 21 feet long version (which is knit in DK weight by the way)!

My progress so far:
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Of course I also have Angelica in the queue. I'm just waiting on the yarn to get here from the UK (it shipped today). Since it's a wee bit chilly here I've got the yarn for a couple of other sweaters as well.

Cherie (top sweater) from Vintage knits in Rowanspun DK "Mist":
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And Salina from Vintage knits in Rowanspun 4 ply "Hansel":
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Luckily I finished my last gift for this holiday season (the pics will have to wait as the recipient is a reader occasionally- you know who you are). With all those pesky gifts out of the way I can finally concentrate on me again! Hurrah!!

Love the stripes! At the rate I'm going with my Salina, you might be done with yours before I'm done with mine.
Sock looks beautious my dear! I'm glad I got you into socks (yep Im going to take all the credit, muahahaah!)

Why did you have to show those projects? Now I may have to knit that Cherie sweater as well. sigh
What is that multicolored it a scarf? I am confused by the weird guy in the pic :). I do like the colors in it. And I LOVE that last sweater pic you posted!
Thanks for the compliments guys!!

Salina is gonna take me a while too Angela!

Oohhh, it would be nice to rope you into knitting Cherie with me Yahaira!! ;) You should take all the credit! You did all the encouraging!

Karin, you crack me up!! That weird guy is Dr. Who
You have some very cool stuff to knit! And the jaywalkers are very very lovely.
Oooh, the Jaywalkers look great. And your upcoming projects are FANTASTIC.
i'm so jealous that you finished your holiday presents! i'm knee deep in lamb's pride for toys. arrgh! love the strips and Cherie sweater.
Your Jaywalker socks are fabulous!
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