Monday, December 05, 2005

I'm a lean mean knitting machine

Well maybe not but with all my pictures that I finally have to post it sure looks like I am!!

First I want to say thanks for all the compliments on my half a carpetbag. I am really pleased with the way it's turned out! I got the handles at a little independent fabric store in Jacksonville. Although I have seen handles similar to those at Joann's & Hancock Fabrics.

Lets start with my holiday hit the reversible capelet!!

I used up the Rowan Polar left from the lace leaf pullover
I knit it up on size 13 needles (the pattern calls for 11's but I liked the look of the swatch with 13's). It took about 4 hours of knitting to finish this lovely & it got me endless complements at thanksgiving! You have to love that!

Now lets pretend that I am a good, unselfish knitter for a second (which is so not true).

For my much loved husband I give you: Isaac's I love the 80's hat!

He wanted big chunky ribbing and lots of pixelish spots. This is a better picture of the pixels & the colors.

Now for my wonderful stepmom's cold tootsies, it's fuzzy feet part deux!

Before felting:

And after:

I used chocolate brown cascade 220 for the main part and the leftover bluebell from the last pair of fuzzy feet for the accent colors.

I would have posted this earlier but when I logged on to update I was sucked in by the new Knitty. I love so many of the patterns. My absolute favorite is Forecast. Stefanie Japel does it again. I also love the toy patterns & a couple of other sweaters but forecast has stolen my heart. It has such a feminine, vintage look. *Swoon*. Now if only I didn't have so many thing on the needles & I hadn't made that promise to myself about not buying more yarn.

Soon my precious, soon!

Now I'm torn. I could be the good little knitter that I know I should be and work on the last purse I need as a christmas gift. Or I could use my new sock needles that just came today & cast on to jaywalker. Hmmm, I bet none of you can guess what I'm gonna do!

I will leave you with a picture of my husband the rockstar!

Wow- everything looks great. I LOVE the little capelet (I really love that it only took 4 hours!). Cute!
Thanks Kym! I love fast knits & the fact that it's a garment, a quick knit AND a stashbuster! YAY!
Leah, What pattern did you use for the ribbed I love the 80's hat? I have been looking for a good pattern for my hubby, it is so hard to find simple straightforward patterns.
Great Blog... going in my bookmarks
aww you look so cute in that capelet. I'll need to make a matching one now that I'm just hanging out in bed. Do you think 160yds is enough?

Hubby hat looks great (what is up with these guys asking for hats?!) as do the fuzzy feet.

Work on your sock a bit and then finish your last gift, you still have time : ) (Im such an enabler)
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