Thursday, December 08, 2005

Maybe I should learn to read....

Or at least not get so wrapped up in the excitement of magic loop knitting that I remember to read the pattern.

After Angela was so sweet as to stop by & comment on my jaywalkers I thought I would go check out her blog. That is when I noticed that her jaywalkers had 2x2 rib. I looked back at my picture to see 1x1 rib. I looked at the pattern only to find ...... 2x2 rib. Being the OCD perfectionist that I am I frogged them & started over.

I can now happily report that They are 2x2 rib and lookin' fine!

Thanks for all the kind words about my secret pal. I'm not sure why it all went down the way it did but I am now being well taken care of by a new secret pal (hi again).

I don't want my experience to dissuade any of you ( Carrie) from joining in on a round of SP. For every story like mine there are tons of other wonderful stories out there. Just check out all the great stuff that Erin got, best of all she made a friend!

SP7 is starting up soon for those who are interested!

Oh & thanks for the comments on the capelet!! It is a really fun knit & would make a great gift!!

I might join in on a SP round sometime, but not quite yet with the move and all. I just recently had to frog some of my Sox sweater but it's back to it's size now, it's best to just frog it as soon as you can!
I would still be up for another round in the future as well! With the move & the holidays I can see why this would be a bad time for you to join Karin.

Sorry you had to frog too! I do agree it's better to do it sooner than later. Plus I always try to think of it as a learning experience!

I can't wait to see that sweater! It makes me want a beer just thinking about it!!
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