Friday, December 02, 2005

So if I have a carpetbag am I a carpetbagger?

Or half a carpetbagger since I technically have only finished half the bag?

Image hosted by

There you have it. Half of the "scalloped carpetbag" from Handknit holidays. I'm using Peace Fleece worsted weight in Baghdad blue. That picture is not at all a true representation of the color but this is:

Image hosted by

It's also a nice close up of part of the scallop. As you can see from the first pic I found some vintage looking wooden handles that I think really fit with the bag. You may also be able to tell that this piece will need some blocking as it looks like it's been living crumpled up under a pile of clothes for a week.

Tomorrow I will have pictures of the "reversible" capelet and of my second finished pair of fuzzy feet.

I'm also really excited about the Angelica knit along that Yahaira and Carrie have started!

It's such a lovely pattern! I've been drooling over it for ages!

Come join us!! Image hosted by

Now off for Indian food & to see "Pride and prejudice". It just won't be the same without Colin Firth! He will always be my Mr.Darcy!

my gosh, that bag is looking gorgeous. i totally want to knit that up now. wow. and those handles are awesome.
Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous!! Get that second half finished so you can walk around in style in Atlanta. The handles are perfect for it.

Im jealous, Indian food and Colin Firth?! I would be even more jealous if it was Indian food with Colin Firth!!
That yarn on your bag is YUMMY. Looking forward to seeing the finished thing, in comparison to the evil teasing that is the photo you have up now ;)

I bought that Angelica pattern too :D I have promised myself that I cannot get the silk yarn until I've got rid of some stash tho :( Can't wait to see you knitting it up, so that, once again, I can live it through you! (btw, the lace leaf is done, has been worn at work etc and a photo will go up today on the blog. Woo!).
I am jealous of the Indian dinner too :). I like your bag--where did you find those handles is what I want to know!
Cool bag! I love the colorway.

Let us know how the new P& P is- maybe I will watch some of the Colin Firth version tonight. He is the only Mr. Darcy for me!
Hey--sorry to hear your SP flaked out on you. That really sucks: it was your first time, too, huh? You're such a diligent swapper and angel so it seems doubly unfair!
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