Thursday, January 26, 2006

Dreams, Italian art film style....

Last night I had two really weird dreams. In the first I'm in the shower fully clothed with the water running and the curtain is clear so you can see out into the bathroom. There is a TV where the mirror should be and they seem to be reporting on Paris Hilton. In the corner there is an old woman wearing clown make-up and licking a lightbulb. Suddenly I turn & look back in the shower and standing there with Pauly Shore.
Then I wake up.

Hmmmmmm....what on earth could that mean? Is it because I ate ice cream at 11:00 last night? I mean I haven't thought of Pauly Shore since we watched his movie "Pauly Shore is Dead" a couple of years ago.

My second dream is very self explanatory. I'm sitting in a cafe having coffee with Gil Grissom ( William Petersen from CSI). We are seated next to the window and standing outside looking in is Bobby Goren ( Vincent D'Onofrio from Law & Order: Criminal Intent).

Thats it, that is the whole dream. So, why is that so self explanatory? Because I have recently been watching a TON of CSI while knitting. I love crime dramas & unfortunately I have seen just about every episode of every law & order series there is so, I turned to CSI. It's been great as I have 5 seasons of episodes to catch up on.

I suppose subconsciously I must really miss Goren & all his antics. I wish they were making more new episodes with him...

SO, I'm not so weird right? I mean we all have odd dreams don't we?

During all my CSI watching last night I managed to finish Angelica!! All I have left to do is seam up the sleeves! I will have pictures tonight!

In the meantime, any thoughts on my weirdo dreams?

No more ice cream before bed! ;)
I think Pauly Shore is personally behind it. I mean, he's not doing anything else, right? ;) Can't wait to see Angelica!!
I guess they are still making GOren episodes, but they alternate between him and eames and Chris Noth and that other chick. Which sucks because if there's anything my TV needs less of, it's DEFINETLY not Goren.
Thanks for the insight guys!

I will NOT be consuming anymore ice cream before bed!!!

Erin, it could be Pauly Shore's doing. I actually met him about 11 years ago. He seemed kind of sad & like he just wanted everyone to like him. I actually felt sorry for him!

Karin, I AGREE about Goren! I know that they are alternating but it SUCKS! I NEED new Goren episodes!!
Can't wait to see your angelica! =)
Are you sure there wasn't something IN that ice cream! ;-)
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