Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Isaac's birthday was yesterday & it was a smashing success (if I do say so myself). Thanks so much for all the well wishes on the Dr. Who scarf. I actually finished it on Sunday (it took an hour just to weave in all the ends from the color changes though). The finished length is a little over 10 feet with the fringe.

All in all it wasn't a bad knit. VERY MONOTONOUS, but well worth it to make Isaac so happy. The fact that the knit picks wool of the andes is so cheap made it really economical as well. Now all I need to do is find him a red british phone booth for the perfect picture.

Isaac loves it! He wore it to work today even though it was 65 degrees outside!!

Edited to add this picture:

Here are a couple of highlights from the evening:

Isaac's birthday cake. It was homemade Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. It was YUMMY!!!

Isaac enjoying his cake and his scarf.

I put a ton of new photos up on my flickr including lots of "scarf in progress" pictures and more birthday pictures.

Since I finished his scarf on Sunday I had some time to knit on my second jaywalker:

These pictures were taken in my car since the sunlight was so lovely. It is the best representation of the color I've been able to get. It is Knit picks sock garden in geranium.

I'm really loving sock knitting. This one is going so much faster than the first one. Maybe I am just getting the hang of the magic loop method or now I have more confidence. Either way I think I am addicted. I actually moved all my stuff to a bigger purse so I could carry my sock with me & knit whenever the opportunity arises. It's great when you are stuck in line at the bank or post office. It's actually calming just to know it's there....

Yeah, as far as other WIP's. Cherie is on hold & I haven't worked much on Angelica since last week. Here is an updated picture of my progress so far:

I'm going to work more on it this weekend. It's a fast knit by all accounts so hopefully I will have it finished soon!

Off to scavenge a piece of that yummy cake!!

that cake looks SO GOOD. and you did a smashing job on the scarf.

i'm stalled on angelica. i hate sleeves!
i love that cake! awwww. . .and it looks soooo good.

Issac looks quite dashing in that scarf if i do say so myself. Nice job!
Thanks you guys, you are too sweet!!

The cake is really delish and I couldn't be happier with the scarf!

Carrie- I hear you on the sleeves! I'm not looking forward to them!
success indeed! the scarf looks great, it's perfect for him and that cake is too cute.

your second sock is gorgeous, how lucky that you had such lovely sunshine (its been gray and rainy today here)it really brought out the beauty of the colors.
Yummmm.... I .. want .. cake. The Geranium looks a lot less Christmas-ie in natural light. I like it! Hurry and finish so you can model it for us! =)
Cool, red velvet cake! You never see that in Chicago. Is it hard to make? I would like to try it sometime.

Issac looks great in his new scarf! No doubt it's keeping him warm :).
What an awesome scarf! I'm so glad you didn't knit the one in DK weight! Happy birthday to Isaac and great stitching on that second sock!
Congrats on the scarf success! Wearing it while eating his cake suggests that it was very well received.

Your Jaywalker is very lovely. I carry an extra large purse around for the same reason.
That scarf looks incredible. He looks great in it!
Thanks for all the great comments!

Karin, I will put up the recipe later. It is so easy to make & super yummy!!
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