Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The sun, she shines!

We have had some serously dreary & dreadful weather here in Altanta for the past 4 days. Finally today the sun is out and it's lovely.

The weather has really affected my mood. It's so hard to be motivated just do go out in the cold & get soaking wet no matter what you try to do to stay dry.

Translation, although we stayed in almost all weekend I accomplished NOTHING! I didn't pick up any knitting til last night when I finished the body of angelica.

That was my first glimmer of hope for a better day. The bust decreases had me a little worried as it looked TINY but it fits like a glove.

Unfortunately bad weather= bad pictures. This progress shot is from last Thursday (our last day of sun). I'm excited about starting the sleeves (which I usually hate). I am really inspired by all the finished angelicas at the Knitalong.

It seems I'm not the only one who wants to be a better sock knitter in '06. Chrissy is hosting the sock-a-month along and Lynda is hosting the Count your socks along.

Of course I joined both. It's so great to see so many yarns and patterns being worked! It gives me so many great ideas!

This morning I stumbled across Lolly's new idea for a "createalong". It's called "Project Spectrum". The idea being that you take inspiration from the colors around you and create something in those colors. It doesn't have to be just about knitting. I have been planning on doing some dying as well as more sewing and embroidery. Hopefully this idea will serve as a jumping off point for some amazing creations! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

With that said I am off to enjoy lunch in the sun!

Your Angelica is looking great! I love the color. You could even get away with a short sleeve version. Can't wait to see it all done.
That does fit great, can't wait to see present progress! The color is lovely as well
that yarn is sooooooo pretty. looking real good, leah. can't wait to see more progress pics.
oh, I forgot to ask! are you going to sign up for sockapalooza? please do!
Ooooh pretty, Leah! I love how that's turning out! What yarn is it? I cast on my first sweater today!
Angelica looks great! I hear ya about the dark'n'dreary weather... there's been all too much of that this winter (Minneapolis).
Your Angelica is wonderful! Looking forward to the finished product!
Sorry about the weather -- but congrats on a great-looking angelica! it looks wonderful so far.
Angelica is beautiful...

you're feeding my sock addiction! i joined sock-a-month this afternoon (my eyes will never forgive me for all this tiny knitting!).
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