Monday, January 02, 2006

Well it wasn't my last FO in 2005,

but it was my first FO in 2006!

It's amazing that I finished it at all between furious scrabble matches, the blues brothers, mussuman curry & too much beer! But, at exactly 1:40am on January 1st 2006 I finished my first sock!!

*insert applause here*

OK, I'm in awe that in the midst of that, you can knit socks! :-)
Thanks Janet! It was fairly easy as I was just starting the toe decreases as our friends came over & the festivities started!
I'm with Janet on this one. Wow.

It's gorgeous!
Told ya it was easy!
It looks great, I love how the yarn patterned.
Your Jaywalkers rock! :D Very very very cool. Hurry up and post more wip pics of Angelica tho... ;)
those are awesome! i love the colorway- very festive :)
Your sock looks really good! I especially like the red. What a good way to bring in the new year.
The socks look great! I need to try that one.
That's a beautiful sock... and it only bodes well for knitting in 2006. Congrats!! Beautiful colors and stitches!
I love how that came out! The green makes a great stripe accent! Happy New Year!
The color is just gorgeous!! Congrats on finishing it. I'm just about to start on one (in the next week or so).
OK, it's all been said, but these are awesome! I love the striping.

Mmm, mussuman curry...I have to go eat now.
I can't believe that's your FIRST sock! Beautiful job - you don't even want to know what my first sock looked like!!! (but I wear them anyway!)
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