Monday, February 20, 2006

Bionic hands....

Well, mine are feeling quite bionic yet but, better!

Thanks so much for the outpouring of support and amusing stories of your own klutzy ways! Who would have thought such a bunch of klutzy folks would have picked up a hobby that requires the use of long pointy sticks?

I owe lots of you emails & will get to that soon but I thought for now a little update was in order.

My finger is feeling better. It's definitely still sore but I can move it easier each day. Part of the problem is it's been really cold here the past few days & cold + sore is a problem. I woke up this morning feeling optimistic and tried working on my carpet bag. Something just wasn't right yet. I was slow to get in a rhythm and honestly I just kept screwing up. I lost track of my count a couple of times & had to frog back. Lets just say it wasn't meant to be for me to pick up the needles today.

Not knitting has been rough. I've been doing a lot of reading but I really needed a crafty activity so on Saturday I decided to make some buttons.

We have a professional 1 inch button maker for doing band promo stuff. I had been meaning to make some buttons out of these free waterlogged 1951 encyclopedias that we have. This seemed like the perfect opportunity so I went to work.

2 days and much punching, cutting and pressing later I have 32 sets of buttons up for sale in our Etsy shop. I think they turned out really nicely (if I do say so myself).

I also washed the fabric for a couple of sewing project for this week. I'm going to make an apron based on instructions from the Bishop method book. I'm also going to be daring and try a clutch purse of my own design. It will give me an opportunity to try putting in a zipper.

Oh & Angela asked for my thoughts on the Bishop Method book that I've been reading. Well tomorrow I will be posting a full fledged review of the book!

I know you will all be waiting with baited breath!

Glad your finger is improving.

Hmm, good point you make about how interesting it is that klutzy people would take up such a potentially dangerous craft. Hmm...
OH MY GOD, THOSE BUTTONS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!! I just bought myself a set.
I thought it was pretty funny myself Chris!

Sandra, you are too cool! I love your new etsy name!! :) Your meatlicious buttons will be on their way soon!
Ouch! I'm sorry you hurt your finger, Leah. I too have always been a klutz when sharp or hot objects are involved.

Those buttons are indeed wonderful! You make the coolest stuff.

i just bought two sets of buttons. they're so awesome! you are really crafty and bright!
I will be waiting with bated breath! I really to know if that book is worth buying! And hope you feel better soon!
Wow, what cool buttons. You are so creative!
Thanks for all the feedback and the purchases of the buttons! :)

You guys rock!!
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