Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I'm Getting Back Into Getting Back Into You

I've been listening to a lot of the Silver Jews for the past week or so. The new album Tanglewood Numbers is amazing, perfect & profound. It is a huge departure from their typical sound of the past few years & I think the change is good for them. As a matter of fact I think a little change is good for us all now and again.

That's why I spent this weekend getting to know my new sewing machine a little better. Now I'm a novice sewer in every sense of the word but I've had a machine for years. It just didn't come fluidly or naturally to me the way knitting did. Sewing seemed more like a chore than a joy. A hindrance vs. creative outlet.

That all changed when we found this gem at a thrift store.It's an Elna Lotus. It's tiny and works like a champ. I had no idea that a sewing machine could be so easy to use. My old singer dressmaker could do a ton of fancy stitches but they were no use to me as I got frustrated just trying to thread the bobbin.

I whipped up a few basic bags out of vintage pillowcases to practice on & they actually looked good (as opposed to my old look- chewed up and spit out by an angry woodchuck). It was fun and I actually found myself wanting to do more of it!

With that spirit I'm all signed up & ready to start on my project for Sew, I knit. Our first project will be a skirt. All I need to do now is figure out which pattern to use (I'm either using Betsy Ross #001 or a vintage pattern for a wrap skirt) and decide on which fabric. It's funny even though I haven't really enjoyed sewing in the past I cannot pass up vintage fabric. If you thought my yarn stash was bad.....

I also finished my first Badcaul sock yesterday. These socks knit up so fast & the pattern really rocks! The cables look so great in the koigu & it's so soft & squishy!

Now if only my other WIP's were moving so fast.

I am looking forward to the skirt sewalong too!! I haven't decided on a pattern yet either, but I have a few already so I'm going to pick from one I already own. I am hoping the sewalong continues and branches out from just skirts too.
Now, that looks like a sewing machine I would like!
looking forward to seeing your adventures in sewing. I own a VERY old sewing machine that is currently not functioning. I've never been much for sewing anyways!
Any chance you're going to post a picture of your new socks?
it's so great that you are sewing. i have an old sewing machine too -- it was left in my old apartment by the previous tenant, who had a nervous breakdown. it works pretty well, but my apartment is so tiny that i have no permanent home for it. so that's no fun.

anyway, can't wait to see your skirt!
Thanks for all the sewing support guys!

The elna is fantastic. It's all metal but only weights 14lbs. which is light in term of vintage sewing machines. I love it!!

Karin, I do think that Angela said we would be doing more projects in the coming months. I think I even remember mention of a quilt! I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet!

Coleen, I will post a picture of my finished badcaul tonight. I just cast on for the second one at lunch today. Hopefully I will have a pair by next weekend!

Carrie I hear you about tiny apartments! My sewing machine table is actually my husbands air organ. It was our compromise for buying the air organ. He wanted it for the music, I wanted a sewing table. We both won!!
ooh- i love your sewing machine. have fun with the sew along! i hope there is some sort of extremely easy beginner sew along that i can join in the summer...
I just went to the sew-a-long after reading about it here. So fun! I signed up, but I don't know if I'm too late... (i didn't see if there was a cut-off date)

It will be fun to see what you come up with. That skirt pattern looks cute!
i wish i could sew. . .sigh

great sewing machine. what a great find! can't wait to see that skirt.
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