Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The post in which I admit to you guys that I'm a total klutz

As evidenced by the trip that resulted in a sprained finger on Sunday morning. Yep. It's been this way my whole life. As long as I can remember there are stories of me tripping & falling.

There was the time when I was 5 and we were all jumping out of Jake Nelson's tree house. I was really afraid to do it so I hesitated then went for it. My hesitation left me too close to a tree branch where my jeans got snagged & I got stuck. Yeah, I was hanging from the tree by my favorite pair of jeans with scooby doo embroidered on the pockets.

When I was 9 I had the biggest part in the school Christmas recital. I got a new fancy frilly dress & super shiny patent leather shoes that were also slippery. After reciting my lines perfectly I turned to walk back to my place in the chorus & ended up sliding a couple of feet and landing with my frilly dress over my head.

I could go on & on like this for hours. The time I gave myself a blackeye learning to windsurf or when I broke my toe chasing my cousin around the house. My favorite was last January when I broke a finger zipping up a kid's coat. Yeah, that one says it all.

I think the best part of my lack of coordination is that my maiden name was get this-Grace. There were endless jokes about my sheer lack of grace. Oh the irony.

Sunday morning was no exception. I was running to answer the phone & lost my balance. I caught myself but sprained my right pointer finger in the process.

So I have now pecked out this entire post SLOWLY & can't really knit or do much on my sewing projects either. It is feeling better today, the swelling is gone & the Dr. said I should be good to go by Sat. or Sun. A whole week without knitting! EEEK!

I've been doing a lot of reading on knitting & sewing the past couple of days. I found a really cool book about making your own clothes called The bishop method of clothing construction which is chocked full of 1950's sewing goodness. It has really easy to follow instructions & patterns too.

Oh & Agnes and Bekki both left really great tips for putting a zipper in in the comments of my last post. Thanks so much guys! I really appreciate all the advice.

So for the next couple of days I will have to live vicariously through all the olympic knitters & folks getting ready for their Sew? I knit! projects.

At least I have project runway to look forward to tonight!!

Oh bummer! Glad to hear that it'll be better in a few more days.

But breaking a finger zipping a coat?! Um... ????
Oh no!! I'm so sorry to hear that you sprained your poor finger. At least you'll be better in a week's time, whew! :) If it makes you feel better, I was constantly going to the emergency room when I was a wee one. Not because I was a klutz, really. More because I was a idiot.

Remember when I posted that baby pic on my b-day?

shortly after the pic was taken, I had found a quarter on the floor and proceeded to stick it in my mouth and choke on it. It was a good thing one of my aunts was around to pick me up by the ankles and whack me on the back until i coughed it up. Oh, and you see those beaded curtain to the right? a couple of month after my 1st b-day, a whole bunch of those beads had fallen off. I noticed this fact right away and then proceeded to stick one of the loose beads. . .up my freaking nose. my left nostril to be precise. my mom was all hysterical and couldn't get it out to save her life(man, did i ever get it up in there!) so she had to take me to the ER. yeah, i was a retard. hope this makes you feel better! :D
whoa, Im so sorry. At least it isnt broken and it'll be only a few more days.

Dude, I cant tell you how many times Ive fallen or done something klutzy...
That book looks awesome. I will have to check it out sometime. Hope you start feeling up to crafting soon!
Oh, I hope you get better soon! I've had my share of klutzoid experiences too. Do let us know about the Bishop method though. I'd love to hear your thoughts on that book!
So good to know I'm not the only total klutz around! (Someday I'll tell the story of sliding down 20 steps at the front of an auditorium on my knees in front of 2000 people... in a skirt... good times)

A week without knitting is stressful!! I hope your finger heals quickly...
From one klutz to another, you have my deepest sympathy!
Christmas Eve.. went out to walk the dog, slipped in the mud, got up.. slipped again, all the way down a hill. Spent Xmas eve in the ER for a sprained wrist. (I was convinced it was broken) Not being able to knit drove me CRAZY!

I hope you are on the mend soon!
that's terrible news! you poor thing!
Oh, heal up quick!!
Poor little petal :(

I too am as clumsy as a very very clumsy thing. Don't you hate it when people tell you to be careful while you are being clumsy? If you could stop it you would so why do they seem to think you can suddenly stop doing whoopsy things at their incantation? Gits... ;)

Anyway, hurry up and get better so I can look at your skirt and knitting. And for your own health and enjoyment too naturally, but more for me :D
If a "klutz" like you can be such a great knitter (and sewer now!) then maybe there's hope for me... I'm such a klutz, too. Hope your finger feels better!!
Oh, that sucks! Don't feel bad- I Fall down all the time :)
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