Saturday, February 25, 2006

Well, it's about damn time!

Pattern: Badcaul socks by Anna Bell.
Yarn: Koigu KPPPM in colorway P111 (two different dyelots hence the "fraternal twins" look).
Needles: Two US 1, 24 inch circulars.

I'm forgoing the start/stop dates as you all know my little fall had me out of commission for a couple of weeks.

I think the badcaul pattern will be my go to sock pattern. I mean I am in LOVE with this pattern! How could I not be?

They grow so fast toe up. The cable pattern is easy to memorize, knits fast & looks mighty impressive! I love these socks so much I am thinking of using the flickering flame colorway from Marie for another pair. The bluejeans is going to become Elfine socks. I implore anyone thinking of knitting these to do so! They are such a wonderful knit!! They are also comfy! I wore them yesterday & they are lovely on the feet!

Speaking of Anna, did you guys see her Birdie pattern? **Swoon**

I've been spending a ton of time on etsy lately! Thanks to all my blog friends who bought buttons! I am working on some print gocco cards & shirts this weekend. Hopefully they will be up on Monday.

I have been spending some of my earnings on etsy as well. One of my favorite sellers Wingnut had an awesome sale the other day where I picked up on this cutie. She has the most amazing needle felted goodies. I adore the Banana boat owls. I had the chance to see some of her felties in person during a trip to Savannah last fall. They are really outstanding in person!

I am also really enamored of Orange Peel Enamel. Check out her necklaces! They are amazing!

Oh & Oobee's creations are really wonderful!

Lastly I will leave you with Isaac's favorite etsy shop I cum sunshine. We met them at Indie Craft Experience Atlanta and Isaac got one of there AT AT shirts. He gets tons of compliments on it!

If you guys do buy anything on Etsy and want to post pictures of it, I started an etsy flickr group- etsy love.

Your socks are completely gorgeous!
I will have to buy those harp buttons for a friend of mine who is a professional harpist. Can you ship them to an address that isn't the same as the billing address? I will have to call her up this weekend and find out where she's currently living.
i love, love, love mah meat buttons! and your socks look great. i think one of the things i like about handknit socks is that more times than not, you're going to end up with fraternal twins. i like that, it gives the socks more personality, me thinks.
Your socks, do indeed, rock. :) And I agree with Sandra - the different colours give them more personality and make them yours, and not just one of many on the web or on the street. They are vvvvv cool :D

Incidentally, I just ordered some yarn that I'm hoping to make Elfines out of, but I haven't done toe up socks before - is it easy to get the hang of the cast on?
Pretty, pretty socks! Way to go, Leah! :)
Cool socks - I like the color differences!
that's such a cool idea to use two different colorways. they look great!
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