Friday, March 31, 2006

Elfine's done

Here are pictures of the much loved Elfine's socks.

Toe up & lacey they are lovely and so fast. As are all of Anna's sock patterns. Yahaira & I think it may be voodoo in her patterns. How else could they be so fast? Either way I'm not knockin it.

I used my Knit picks "dye your own" sock yarn & 4 packs of strawberry kool aid for the color. I'm pretty surprised by the vivid color (kool aid tends to be a bit flat).

There is nothing I don't love about these socks. While lace is difficult to memorize (for me at least) these follow such a simple pattern that it becomes evident where the stitches go.

Anna has my vote for the best sock patterns. Mind you I've only knit 3 pairs but 2 have been hers & I love them! Love them I say!

Thanks for all the comments about our buttons. It is a really cool opportunity. Hopefully they will sell like hotcakes!

Don't forget tomorrow!

Flash your stash

Go forth & flash ladies!!

gorgeous in all their voodoo magic!

which anna sock should we do next?
great, great socks. great dye job, by the way. especially for koolaid. my koolaid dyed yarn tends to come out too pastel-y.

BTW, are you going to Indie Craft Experience? The Boyfriend might be home in ATL then so I might plan a trip down then so I can check ICE out some. This is all very iffy. But still, sounds like a lot of fun.
Oh, oh, oh - those are very very fine. My koolaid dyeing always come out dull and pale...
Those are so cute!!! I'm thinking about dong them next month (wow, next month is actually in 25 minutes!) in yellow for Project Spectrum.

great job!
I think the color is gorgeous! I keep meaning to dye my own one of these days.
Her patterns do have voodooooooo! =)
those are beautiful. i haven't made fancy socks yet. maybe i should try those.
Gorgeous socks!
Thanks everyone!

They are really easy & look so cool when done!!

Go, knit them now!
Great way to end the March PS pinks! The socks are so lovely, Leah! ;)
Those socks look great. Find it hard to believe you when you say they knitted up easy.
oh, absolutely gorgeous! and you have quite the yarn stash!
Yay! They are truly scrumptiously coloured, and beautifully knitted :) I just finished mine this weekend, and I agree on the lace being hard to memorise (I only learnt it on the foot of the second sock, and I still had to look at the start of the row to remind me where I was going), but they took me bloody ages to knit if only because of my own procrastination. I did do most of the knitting this weekend though on the second one, so I suppose if you actually work on them, they are quite quick ;)
Gorgeous!! I covet! LOL! Guess I need to learn to do toe-up, eh?

I dyed the KnitPicks dye-it-yourself yarn you sent with some of the KoolAid you also sent, and I didn't get a vibrant color... but I did get a lovely light green that reminds me of a childhood Otter Pop!
leah! they're gorgeous!
oh my! those are such gorgeous socks!!!!
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