Tuesday, March 07, 2006

If absence makes the heart grow fonder

Then you guys must love me!!! Sorry for my extra long absence. Time has really gotten away from me!

Last week we went to St. Petersburg Beach in FL to be in Isaac's sisters wedding. We were down there for 6 days & it was really lovely! The weather was perfect, we got to soak up some sun & swim in the ocean (it's one thing I miss about moving away from FL).

Bonnie & Mike had a wonderful ceremony & an excellent reception. It was one serious party! I know they will have a wonderful life together!

We got back into town last night & I am still beat! There hasn't been much knitting or crafting going on but I have things to show from last week!

Like my first ever gocco print! Isaac did the illustration for the buttons I give away with each order in out etsy shop but I saw some serious potential. It makes a really cute card! These are FAR from perfect but it was fun & easy! It's really too bad the gocco has been discontinued. I already stocked up on supplies.

I managed to work on a two in one project today!! Since it's now March 7th I need to get cracking on my Sew, I knit project as well as my Reds/Pinks projects for project spectrum. So today I managed to cut my pattern & fabric for my Red polka dot skirt. I really love this fabric & cutting the skirt wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. Hopefully the sewing won't be either!

Tonight I'm working on my postcard for the project spectrum postcard swap. My swap partner Maryse is one crafty cat! In an odd turn of events we have the same exact wedding anniversary, month & day! I guess great minds think alike!

Now, I'm off to dye some sock yarn with Strawberry kool-aid. I think it's destined to become a pair of elfines I know I said I was going to use my bluejeans for them but I want to cast on now & work on something project spectrum related! I think I will save the bluejeans for June!

welcome back! those cards are soo cute and that fabric is after my heart!
we certainly did miss you! glad you had such a good time at the wedding. look forward to the socks and skirt!
Welcome back!! Nice to get away...
That fabric and those cards are ka-yoot!
I was wondering where you were! :)
I would love to hear how your strawberry koolaid dying turns out. I just bought some strawberry to do the dye-your own yarn I have.

Nice to have you back!
Thanks for the link to Project Spectrum, I may have to sign up for that just to get one of the cute blog buttons! :D
OF COURSE WE LOVE YOU! whether you post every day or every other week. a vacation is always fun. glad to see you had a nice time. :)
ooh! i'm excited. i haven't started working on your postcard yet, but i've been thinking.
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