Tuesday, March 21, 2006

It is a Wee Wonderful!

Meet my bunny, no name yet. Any ideas?

Made from Hillary Lang's nifty Wee Bunny pattern.

Valentina. She's great!
Speck! Short for Spectrum!
how wee is your wee bunny?

how about scarlet? or is that too 'gone with the wind'?
how about pinky?

your bunny is very cute and coordinates so nicely with my postcard.
Aw! I am terrible at naming but that is very cute.
i can't wait to make one! i love its puffy tail and behind! maybe rosy?
Adorable!!! The face, the polka-dot fabric, the tail!
super cute!!

i love names that start with "Mr."
He is just gorgeous! [runs off to look at pattern] He would make a lovely Wayne :D Or George. I'm a sucker for names that seem a bit fuddy duddy next to the item...

If I thought any of you guys would get it, I'd suggest Partario as a name - please tell me you get Look Around You on BBC America? Even so, it might not translate across the water that well :( But still, Partario is a good comedy name :D
Hoorah! I just saw that you are up for the bag sewalong :D Any plans yet?
What a great bunny! Love the skirt too.
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