Monday, March 13, 2006

Moments can be monuments to you, If your life is interesting and true.

Things I adore this week:

1. The Silver Jews

They were one of my favorite bands before I got to see them live on both Friday & Saturday nights. The shows only cemented their place in my heart. I don't think I can put into words how amazing these shows were without sounding like I had been brainwashed by a cult. Seriously. These were the first real shows of the first ever tour of a band that has been making astounding music since 1989. Yes, we all waited long enough.

Pictures from the Athens show are here if you are interested.

2. Cable & Tweed

A lovely music blog I found last week before the Silver Jews shows. Lots of coverage of local GA music. Check it out for some great mp3's & full downloads of both of the Georgia Silver Jews shows.

3. Band Propaganda

I have been working hard on propaganda for the the cadets and their show at (but not affiliated with) south by southwest. If you guys are in Austin on the 18th check them out. Directions & info at Discos Mariscos



4. Elfine's socks

Knit up in my "dye your own" strawberry kool aid concoction.

Here's a tease:

These knit up so fast! I have already almost finished one!!

5. Project Spectrum.

It's great fun noticing all the reds & pinks in the world. Wednesday, photos of all the reds & pinks in my world!

Oh, the color on your Elfine's is great!
Your strawberry Elfine socks look great! I must try that pattern.

My fruity koolaid yarn will be knit into socks as well!
the socks are coming along great. Love that color!
I have never heard the Silver Jews now--they sound nice! And I just bought some buttons from you!
I'm so glad you guys all like the strawberry color. It was fun & fast to make it!

Plus I think that a solid color really shows off the lace!

Karin- I'm glad you liked the silver jews! They are really a great band. David Berman's lyrics are life changing. Really!

OH & thanks for buying the buttons! I hope your friend likes them!
The yarn you dyed is gorgeous... I'll have to check out those bands! :)
Ooooooooo yum :D I love that colour! You are very mean just doing a teaser like that... I'm afraid I'm going to copy you and do some Kool Aid dying myself when I've got some cash to buy lots of yarn to dye. Is dying a bit addictive?
It's very addictive Byrony!! It's also nice & inexpensive!! ;)
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