Saturday, March 18, 2006

When the husband is out of town, what's a girl to do?

How about sew a skirt?

My finished skirt for Sew? I knit! as well as a lovely red for Project Spectrum

I used Betsy Ross pattern 001 "One Hot Skirt" and some random fabric I got at Jo-Ann's last year.

I can't express how much I love this skirt. Over at the sew along there were comments made about the skirt being on the actual waist vs. on the hips as so many of us wear our skirts these days. So I made it one size bigger & got the perfect fit on my hips.

Putting in the zipper was the only real challenge I had. I thought I had it on the first try when I realized that I had sewn the skirt on to itself closing part of the waist! OOPS! It was easily remedied but in the moment I was less than pleased.

I can't wait to make another skirt with this pattern & with some skills under my belt! The pattern is really honestly so well written & easy to follow I would highly recommend it to a novice sewer.

So, now I'm off to celebrate! I think I will curl up with a glass of wine, my elfine socks & A Very Long Engagement. My idea of a perfect Saturday home alone!!

The skirt is so cute!

Heh, sounds like my perfect evening... oh, wait, it's what I'm doing this evening, albeit with a different book. :)
don't you look adorable!! I haven't sewn my skirt up yet. I think I might do it tomorrow afternoon or Monday. Cutting it close to the deadline!
ooh, that does indeed sound like a great night.

LOVE the skirt -- so twirly and flirty. i can't sew in a zipper to save my life, so i'm in awe of you.
how does one make catcalls online?

love the skirt! so cute and flirty...and red!!
ohmygod, that skirt is so perty. so very jealous of your sewing skills. grrrr. :)
SO CUTE! OK, now I *am* hitching my sewing wagon to your star. LOL. Hope you enjoyed your restful evening at home. :-)
congratulations! Sewing is incredibly rewarding (like knitting, but ... i don't know, different somehow. In some ways, more versatile). once you can sew AND knit AND craft -- well, you can take on the world!
That looks awesome! Congratulations!
That is absolutely gorgeous :D Super super cute, and the fabric is lovely.

V nicely done :D
I love your skirt, Leah! Now you're a kick-ass sewer *and* knitter. Gorgeous fabric!! :) I'm glad you had a nice solo weekend, too. They're nice every once in a while.
that skirt is so pretty. i got the postcard today. thank you! so fun receiving it. i mailed yours out this morning (i had to stick it in an envelope too because i was afraid it wouldn't survive the US postal service).
The new skirt is just fab! I love the flirty fabric and design ;) Great job!

I loved A Very Long Engagement... any Audrey Tautou will do!

Best wishes,
Your skirt looks great! I ALWAYS break the sewing machine out when my hubby leaves. LOL
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